Yongqin calls rally flag pledge “weird and wrong”

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Richmond, Virginia — Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate said Thursday that people who attended a recent right-wing election rally to pledge allegiance to a flag allegedly hoisted at the rally shortly before the January Capitol riots were “strange and wrong” Were. “…

Glenn Youngkin, the first candidate for business, did not attend a rally outside Richmond on Wednesday. The event was organized on behalf of former President Donald Trump to scuttle conservatives ahead of Virginia’s crucial November 2 election, and was riddled with false election fraud.

Yongqin was pressured by the Democratic Party on Thursday to refuse the use of such flags during the swearing-in and January 6 riots.

“It is strange and wrong to pledge allegiance to the flag associated with January 6,” Yongqin said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.


Yongqin is in fierce competition with former Democratic governor Terry McCoriff, who took office from 2014 to 2018.

Trump on Wednesday night called for a “Regain Virginia rally” and urged the crowd to vote for Yongqin, which he had previously approved.

In a phone call with a reporter on Thursday morning, McCariff urged Yongqin to “get in front of the camera” and said the flag pledge was inappropriate.

McCariff called Wednesday’s rally “one of the darkest moments in Glenn Youngkin’s campaign”. His campaign soon released a new television ad highlighting the incident and Trump’s call.

After Yongqin issued a statement, McCariff tweeted: “”Weird””?? Glen-Peeple was killed in the January 6 riots. Donald Trump and others celebrated you last night. If you can’t blame last night’s rally and Trump’s deadly plot, you don’t have the courage or character to serve as governor. “


The event was hosted by radio show host John Frederick and former Trump president of the Virginia campaign. While Yongqin and the other candidates were walking away, Yongqin also thanked Fredericks for hosting the rally.

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Yongqin calls rally flag pledge “weird and wrong”

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