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A 12 year old child has been nursed for three years.

Dallas – She says it the way it is!

This is what everyone who knows Malaysia says about it.

She is also a beautiful singer with a beautiful soul.

A 12 year old child has been nursed for three years.

The WFAA hopes this story will help him break out of the system and put him in a loved one with his wonderful parents.

Sometimes the greatest gift is when others are there. The salon owner took the time to teach Malaysia important lessons on beauty and softness.

He gifted Malaysia hair styling and attention.

“I want [sic] Hair and nails. You may want to do eyelashes. “

Malaysia is an aspiring beautician and an excellent student.

“I have all the A’s and B’s,” she told the WFAA.

Malaysia loves math, science, hair and fashion!

“I know how to knit skull and box knit,” she said proudly.

But when it comes to Malaysian roots, she is shy, loyal and knows how to let her hair down.

“I’m always funny,” she said.

If you ask her friend, the Malaysians believe this is what they would say about her.

“They think I’m almost the best.”

Today I thought Malaysia was safe and special. The staff at Bashia’s Beauty Lounge in Arlington treated her like a loved one. This is what makes Malaysia feel safe.

She wants parents to take care of her and teach her to love by loving her.

“I want women to look like girls, and we can do things like straighten nails and hair,” she said.

Malaysia needs an eternal family that truly wants to know her and cherish who she is.

For more information on Malaysian adoption, please submit the All Accepted Household Survey to LaQueena Warren ([email protected]). Don’t forget to include the Malaysian name in the subject line.

If you do not have a license, please contact LaQueena Warren (817-304-1272), or for more information on adoption and/or for more information about an adoption license. please give it to me

Wednesday’s child: 12 year old Malaysia |

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