Vote for Your Favorite Taco Joint in San Antonio

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We asked, and you answered! After asking “Where is San Antonio’s favorite taco spot and why?” We got dozens of answers from Ksat Insiders and Ksat News Now viewers.

This question evolved from a recent episode of The Caset Explains, delving into the local octopus culture, and how the food helped shape the identity of the city of Alamo. Please take a look here and vote below.


Now we’re taking this taco talk to another level.


Based on KSAT insider and audience reactions, we’re asking you to pick 12 of San Antonio’s top taco spots and decide which one will win the title of top taco spot.

we are calling it KSAT12’s Delicious Taco Showdown.. The mechanism is as follows.

  • In Round 1, 12 local restaurants will appear on the ballot below. Voting begins on 22 September.

  • After this, round 2 voting will begin, reducing the number of finalists from 6 to 3.

  • That week, viewers can vote for the winner, and the results will be announced on October 13 on KSAT News Now.

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Vote for Your Favorite Taco Joint in San Antonio

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