Vehicle emissions tests coming up in Bexar County if key air quality standards are not met

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San Antonio – When it comes to air quality, Bexar County’s efforts to circumvent the new rules have been delayed. Friday is three years after the EPA declared the county’s ozone level too high.

The Natural Resources Project Coordinator for the Alamo Regional Government Council (AACOG), Lyle Huffsteller, said: “At that classification level, the three-year clock had begun for ozone levels to be reached. Unfortunately, the deadline is two days from today and This limit has never been reached.”

The transition from boundary designation to medium designation introduces new boundaries for it. Over the next few years, Bexer County will require drivers to test their vehicle emissions during annual checks and connect with others in the state.

“You have to attend an annual safety check. It costs $7, and depending on your busy schedule, this can take up to 15 minutes,” Huffsetler said. “But in addition to adding emissions tests, we process We are currently looking at approximately $18.50 for all tests.”


Bexar County has four years to test after its official designation. For Huffsteller it is expected to happen early next year. Bexer County joins other large counties in the state that have been testing emissions for quite some time, such as Dallas and Harris.

According to AACOG, the air quality in the area was net plus. Officials said Toyota chose San Antonio as a new facility compared to cities like Dallas and Houston. Companies looking to relocate or expand in the city of the Alamo will now face scrutiny from dire plans to try and reduce the new emissions that expansion could bring.

“It is very important that we really strive to return to achievement so that we can continue to attract these companies to Bexar County,” Huffsteller said.

The explosive development of the region has contributed to the recent rise in ozone levels. Still, they are far fewer than in the 90s, and federal standards are becoming stricter.


According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, in high concentrations, ground-level ozone can reduce pain in lung function with deep breathing and exacerbate asthma symptoms.

“But these effects are rare at concentrations normally measured in the San Antonio area,” TCEQ said in a statement. “In addition, San Antonio’s ozone levels have not increased, and in fact regulated ozone levels declined by 16% between 2000 and 2020.”

TCEQ said the state also needs to submit an updated plan to the EPA, which may require additional steps to help the region comply with the Clean Air Act.

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Vehicle emissions tests coming up in Bexar County if key air quality standards are not met

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