US Taliban officials talk about evacuation

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Washington US officials said on Friday that they will meet with Taliban officials on Saturday and Sunday for talks aimed at facilitating the evacuation of endangered Afghan nationals with foreign nationals from Afghanistan.

Doha, the focus of talks in Qatar, will allow Afghan Taliban leaders to leave Afghanistan along with the Afghans who once worked for the US military, government and other Afghan allies. Officials said it would keep the promise. ..

The person was not allowed to speak about the meeting by name, so the officer spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Biden administration has questioned and complained about the slow pace of US-promoted evacuations from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan since the last US soldiers and diplomats left Afghanistan in late August.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said Thursday that 105 US citizens and 95 green cardholders have left since the US-promoted flight. This number has not changed for more than a week.


American veterans and other individuals helped others leave the country on charter flights, and some Americans and others left the border.

According to the State Department, that leaves dozens of US citizens still seeking departure, and what it believes are thousands of green cardholders and Afghans and their families eligible for US visas. US officials cited the difficulty of US officials on the ground in Afghanistan, confirming the flight along with other stops without help.

The Americans intend to put pressure on the Taliban to protect the rights of women and girls and on Afghanistan as a whole, reportedly preventing the Taliban from returning to work and classes, and forming an inclusive government. Officials said it was.

Amid the economic turmoil following the United States’ departure and the Taliban takeover, US officials will encourage Taliban officials to give humanitarian agencies free access to areas they need.


Officials stressed that the session did not mean that the United States recognized the Taliban as the country’s legitimate governor.

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US Taliban officials talk about evacuation

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