US special envoy to Afghanistan resigns after return

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Washington According to the State Department, the US special envoy to Afghanistan has resigned following the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Zalmay Khalilzad will step down this week after serving more than three years under both the Trump and Biden administrations. He was criticized for not giving the Taliban enough thrust in the peace talks that began during Trump’s presidency, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken thanked him for his work.

“Thank you for his decades of service to the American people,” Blinken said of Khalilzad, the United Nations and former US ambassador to Afghanistan.

Khalilzad had initially planned to quit his job in May, when Biden announced that the US withdrawal would be completed 20 years before the 9/11 attacks in September. But he was told to stay and he did.

Khalilzad has been a special envoy for Afghan reconciliation under both the Trump and Biden administrations since Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took him on in September 2018 to lead talks with the Taliban and the Afghan government. Rice field.


Originally from Afghanistan, Khalilzad failed to bring the two together to conclude a power-sharing agreement, but in February 2020 negotiated a deal between the Taliban and the United States, ultimately the longest in the United States. ended the ongoing war. Rice field.

The agreement with the Taliban served as a template for the Biden administration to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan. Many people believe that this was done too quickly and without adequate planning. Like hundreds of Americans and legal residents, thousands of Afghan civilians who have worked for the US military over the past two decades have fled.

President Joe Biden and his aides have often said that the agreement reached by Khalilzad had shaken hands on the withdrawal and led to the Taliban’s sudden takeover of the country, but administrative critics said Biden was “conditional”. Due to the full withdrawal of the United States, which it said had omitted the “based” requirement.


In an interview and resignation to the AP, Khalilzad said the agreement he had negotiated was the eventual withdrawal of US troops for the Taliban on condition of engaging in serious peace talks with the Afghan government. He also expressed regret that those talks and the resultant withdrawal were not proceeding as planned.

Despite criticism, Khalilzad skipped a US Taliban meeting earlier this month after the first high-level withdrawal in Doha, Qatar, but continued to work and speculated that he was on his way. Called. Khalilzad will be replaced by his deputy Thomas West, who led the US delegation to the last meeting in Doha.

However, the State Department said the United States would not send a representative to a Russian-sponsored meeting in Afghanistan this week. Before Blinken announced Khalilzad’s resignation, department spokesman Edward Price cited “logistics” as the reason the United States did not participate in the Moscow parley.


Khalilzad said in his resignation that he would continue to work for the people of Afghanistan after resigning from the government and would give his views and advice on what went wrong in Afghanistan and the way forward.

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US special envoy to Afghanistan resigns after return

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