US military announces sexual assault reform plan

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The US military on Wednesday announced plans to implement a series of recommendations to combat sexual assault and sexual harassment among employees.

An independent review panel presented a set of actions the Pentagon should take to address accountability, prevention, culture and victim care.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Wednesday that Pentagon leaders are looking forward to “moving quickly and deliberately to do so” and drawing up a roadmap for carrying out those steps. accepted.

“Since my first full day as Secretary of Defense, I’ve made it clear that I need to do more to rid the classroom of sexual harassment and sexual assault. It’s leadership from the start. This was the case. And we said we would take the lead,” Austin said in a memo.

Some recommendations have already been implemented, but others require the identification and employment of employees, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks told reporters that the first of four phases of the plan had been completed. He said that it may take till 2027 for it to be implemented.

Pentagon officials described the first phase as the basis for the most comprehensive and comprehensive change. Reforms include eliminating allegations of sexual assault and harassment from the military chain, establishing an independent investigator for sexual assault and retaining the person responsible for cyberbullying. See how the Allies compensate victims of sexual assault.

A 2018 Pentagon survey estimated that more than 20,000 US military personnel experienced sexual assault that year.

US military announces sexual assault reform plan

Source link US military announces plans for sexual harassment reform


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