Tunisian Said strengthened presidential power by decree

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Tunis Tunisia’s President Kais Saied has issued an executive order that strengthens almost all the power he granted himself two months ago.

Wednesday’s decree includes the continued suspension of parliamentary powers and suspension of prosecution immunity for all members. However, the text published in the official bulletin has gone ahead, and the salaries of MPs have now been withheld.

They also point out that Saeed intended to rule only by executive order and to ignore certain parts of the Constitution. The law does not pass to Parliament, where power is frozen, and gives it almost unlimited power.

On 25 July, Said dismissed the Tunisian prime minister, suspended parliament and took administrative power. He said it was because of a national emergency. His critics called it a coup.

For law professor Mauna Cram, the new emergency measure is the equivalent of “setting up a complete dictatorship”.


Mr Saeed has denied his desire to become a dictator, saying he aims to open up political reforms to the public in the form of a referendum. But his political critics doubt this intention.

The July incident, which took place after years of economic slowdown, was triggered by a day of intense protests and a surge in coronavirus cases.

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Tunisian Said strengthened presidential power by decree

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