Trial begins against Italian Salvini for blocked immigration ship

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Milan – Matteo Salvini, the former Italian right-wing interior minister, hijacked on Saturday for allowing Spanish migrant rescue ships to berth in Sicily and refusing to release people at sea for several days, I was accused of.

While Salvini was interior minister from 2018 to 2019 in the precarious coalition between the populist Five Star Movement and his right-wing league, he will go ahead with his actions to prevent immigrants from landing. The first is trial.

Salvini participated in the first day of the trial in Palermo, Sicily. It was primarily expected to meet procedural requirements. He claimed that he was fulfilling his duty by refusing to enter the open arms rescue vessel and the 147 people rescued from Libya in the Mediterranean.

Salvini cracked down on the arrival of migrants, blocked ships and urged Europe to take some of the burden off Italy.

Prosecutors accused Salvini of neglecting his duties and kidnapping for refusing to enter the port for several days in August 2019. During the nearly three-week standoff, some of the migrants were badly thrown overboard, and the captain sought a safe harbor nearby. Some of the migrants disembarked for humanitarian or health reasons, and the remaining 83 were eventually allowed to land on Lampedusa.


Oscar Campos, head of Spanish NGO Open Arms, said:

A Catania court in Sicily earlier this year decided not to bring Salvini to trial in a similar case. This is also due to the fact that in 2019, 116 migrants were sent to the Italian Coast Guard for five days at sea.

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Trial begins against Italian Salvini for blocked immigration ship

Trial begins against Italian Salvini for immigrant ship blocking Source Link


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