Third victim dies in stampede of angry colleague

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Davenport, Florida — Officers killed three colleagues at their shared Florida home on Sunday after injuring an angry electrician with a knife and baseball bat. Said that the person had died.

Sheriff Pork County officials said electrician Sean Lunyong began a discussion with his boss on Friday, thrashed a man and fled the scene. He returned to the home of Davenport, where he lived temporarily with a colleague on Saturday, while he was sleeping, beating one man, hitting another on the front porch, following another victim across the street. Was chasing, and in a bat. I hit him badly. Sheriff Grady Judd said.

The fourth victim was seriously injured and later died in hospital. Another man, his wife and their 7-year-old daughter, escaped safely. Officials did not reveal the identity of the victims.

Runyon, seven of his associates and their family lived in a house rented by the Pennsylvania company J&B Electric, Inc.


It’s not clear why he got into a fight between 39-year-old Runyon and his boss on Friday, but Sheriff Judd said he confessed.

He was charged with three single murders and one aggravated battery. It was not immediately clear whether he had hired a lawyer to comment on the indictment.

According to the sheriff, Runyon fled the house and hours later appeared at a random Lake Wales couple’s home, telling him she had been raped in bloody clothes.

Judd said the man had thrown his bloody clothes home as he urged her to go to the hospital where he was later detained.

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Third victim dies in stampede of angry colleague

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