The Texas government will not represent the state’s population unless it has a political map.

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In states where more than 60% of the population is voters, the Texas parliament is proposing a map where whites vote with a majority vote in 50% of the parliamentary district.

It is not specific.

According to the 2020 census, Texas has grown 15.9% over the past decade. Today, the state has about 4 million more people than it did ten years ago, and 95% of its growth comes from people of color.


Whites now make up 39.8% of the state’s population. Hispanics are almost as large (39.3%), and demographers estimate that the share of the population will be the largest in a year or two. Black Texas, Asian Texas, etc. make up the remaining fifth of the population.

In other words, there is no majority and more people are trying to turn to Hispanics.

The political map currently being prepared by the Texas Parliament cannot prove this.

The Senate has already approved a new map (by party-line voting) that includes 12 white-dominated districts and four other districts where the majority of the voting population (adults) is white. .. The Hispanic population in the state is roughly the same size, but is not planned by the Texas Senate. The map has seven seats with a majority of Hispanic residents.

Four more districts on the new Senate map, adding together black and Hispanic residents, have a majority of people of color.


The remaining four districts do not have a white majority, a Hispanic majority, or a Hispanic and black majority. It doesn’t look exactly like Texas, but it is more like the rest of the state than the other 27 districts.

The Senate map is just one example. All the new maps that have emerged so far have been designed with similar disparities between population structure and state’s official cartography and political strategy.

It’s not just demographics. Texas Legislative Council – A state agency that maps, bills, and performs other legal tasks for Congress, produces a report on how each district voted in the 2020 elections. Growth.

It doesn’t even look like Texas.

Overall, Republican Donald Trump trailed Democrat Joe Biden by 52% to 45.5%. Trump would have won 19, or 61.3%, of the proposed Senate districts. Biden would have won by 12 or 38.7%.


It is not specific.

During a special session on the ongoing constituency change by the State Legislature, one will compare the proposed map with the existing one. Make the new map even better or take a step back. However, keep in mind that the current map was contested for many of the same reasons.

This time 95% of the state’s growth has come from people of color. Ten years ago, a US census found that 89% of the state’s growth was due to color. In both cases, the growth of the Hispanic population in Texas was the main driving force. Texas has developed rapidly over a long period of time. The 2010 census revealed an increase of 20.6% in the population. It was 15.9% as per the 2020 census.

The legislature convened in 2011 had more or less the same goals as this year’s legislature. Create a new political district that reflects the overall development of the state and the geographical change in population. But he had the same bias. The Republican majority, after all, wanted to maintain its hold on state government, which is what the political majority does. And they were more interested in Republican communities and districts than in communities of color.


They, as they are now, were focused on winning, but not in other words. It is a term that indicates that all the people of Texas are properly explained and have equal political power.


The Texas government will not represent the state’s population unless it has a political map.

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