The federal government has announced funding for emergency contraception, a Texas hit by a nearly complete abortion ban.

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The federal government added Austin nonprofit Every Body in Texas on Friday to meet customers’ potentially growing needs for emergency contraception and family planning services, as Texas bans abortions during the sixth week of pregnancy. announced to provide funds for

Health and Welfare Secretary Javier Becerra said in Friday’s announcement that the Department of Population will fund a group of state-wide managers of the federal Title X financing program, which provides family planning and reproductive health services to low-income people. Rice field. Patience.

The move on Friday comes amid the Biden administration’s challenge in Texas courts to impose a near-complete ban on abortion.


The federal government also has additional funding to provide fertility and family planning services to patients affected by Senate Bill 8 by all entities nationwide, whether they are Title X funded or not. We are launching a new funding program that will allow you to apply and receive.

The amount each Body Texas will receive directly is unknown, but $10 million is available for both of these programs. By the end of this year, 10 grant applications, $150,000 to $1.5 million, had been submitted for a new program called Funding to Meet an Urgent Need for Family Planning Services, according to the federal government’s website. He says that he will give money. According to the announcement, each body Texas has to access the funds provided by March 31.

Neither Har Body Texas nor the federal government immediately responded to the question.

However, the group took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to thank Bethera for the additional funding.


“In the light of #sb8Free and low-cost access to e-commerce is more important than ever,” the group writes.

Becerra also detailed two federal laws that her department will implement to protect patients who may need abortions and health care providers who help pregnant patients in certain situations. Memorandum of Understanding has been issued.

“Today, we make it clear that doctors and hospitals are obligated under federal law to make medical decisions when they are appropriate to treat patients,” Bethera said in a release. “And we tell the doctors and others involved in providing abortion care that we have your back.”

At the end of Friday, it was not immediately clear how Bethera’s memorandum of understanding would affect people’s ability to access abortions in Texas and their willingness to complete the procedures.

The two federal laws Becerra referred to include the Emergency Medicine and Labor Law and the Church Amendment. The federal government states that patients coming to emergency rooms must receive appropriate medical screening, stable treatment, and transfer from state to state regardless of state law who are pregnant or experiencing pregnancy loss. We have issued a memo to remind healthcare providers that they should not do this.


Becerra said the federal government would impose civil penalties for hospitals and doctors who violate the law.

Second, the federal Civil Rights Agency has issued guidance on church amendments to prevent discrimination against health care workers who oppose abortion because of religious beliefs. These amendments also support or govern legal abortion, such as abortion in which federal funds are used to terminate a pregnancy due to rape or incest, or to save the lives of pregnant individuals. Protects healthcare providers from discrimination.

Governor Greg Abbott did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the announcement.

National anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony Liszt criticized the Biden administration in a press release Friday evening.


“Texas is not California. No matter how hard Javier Becerra tries to export inheritance in favor of abortion,” Marjorie Danenfelser, the group’s president, said in a statement, referring to Becerra’s hometown.

SB8, which came into force on 1 September, bans abortions whenever ultrasound can detect what the legislator defines as the “heartbeat” of a fetus, but medical experts say that the fetus is unable to detect a fetus during its development. During the phase is the heart. This phrase is misleading because it does not.

Instead of enforcing the law, the state relies on citizens to prosecute abortion providers, and anyone who helps a pregnant person to have an abortion after a fetal heart activity is detected. Is.

Abortion advocates say the law could affect at least 85% of abortions in the state. Since the law came into force, many healthcare providers have canceled procedures or refused to care for their patients.

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The federal government has announced funding for emergency contraception, a Texas hit by a nearly complete abortion ban.

source link The federal government has announced funding for emergency contraception, a Texas hit by a nearly complete abortion ban.


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