Texas Supreme Court dismisses objection to abortion law

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AUSTIN, Texas – Legal objections to Texas’ very restrictive new abortion law continue, but are not currently filed with the Texas Supreme Court.

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  • The Texas Supreme Court, which is outright Republican, on Monday rejected a Planned Parenthood urgent request for a Mandamas warrant in relation to the state’s highly restrictive abortion law.
  • In a statement, Planned Parenthood said the challenge to the law “is unlikely to proceed.”
  • The law prohibits abortion in the state when cardiac activity is detected in the fetus. This is often done after 6 weeks of pregnancy and before most women know that they are pregnant.
  • Planned Parenthood said it requested the US Supreme Court to reconsider its interference in federal proceedings.

On Monday, the state Supreme Court rejected Planned Parenthood’s urgent request for a warrant from Mandamas.

In a news release announcing the development, the organization wrote that “Planned Parenthood’s challenge to unconstitutional, which is scheduled for summary decision on October 13, is unlikely to proceed.”

The statement continues, “SB8 has been running for 34 days and has denied the constitutional rights of abortion to millions of Texas people.” “Since then, the majority of abortion patients have been forced to leave the state for care or continue their pregnancies against their will. This is a 50-year case law of the United States Supreme Court. It is the first six weeks in the country. refusing to comply with the ban on abortion and allowing it to take effect.”

The Texas Heartbeat Act passed the Texas state parliament as Senate Bill 8 and came into force on September 1. In multiple pregnancies, the law makes abortion illegal if cardiac activity in the fetus is detected before 6 weeks. Many women know they are pregnant.

The law is unusual in that individuals can empower them to enforce it, sue anyone who performs or abets abortion, and seeks statutory damages of at least $10,000.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is trying to block the law in a federal court in Austin.

Planned Parenthood said it would continue to appeal to the US Supreme Court, despite the hit in Texas.

Planned Parenthood and its litigation partners also requested the U.S. Supreme Court in December to reconsider its intervention in federal proceedings filed by abortion providers, funders and supporters as soon as possible. It will not be heard by the Planned Parenthood Court of Appeals. “

Texas Supreme Court dismisses objection to abortion law

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