Texas immigration camps are empty and Haitians await words about their fate

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Del Rio, Texas – There are no migrants left in Texas border camps after about 15,000 people (mostly Haitians) moved into temporary housing in the hope of seeking asylum.

Some will get that chance while others will be sent to their hometowns. The Ministry of Land Security continues to fly to Haiti throughout the weekend, ignoring criticism from Democratic lawmakers and human rights groups that Haiti migrants have been repatriated to problematic countries that left more than a decade ago. I planned it.

Meanwhile, Bruno Lozano, the Mayor of Del Rio, Texas, where the camp was located, said officials were looking for brush along the Rio Grande River to make sure no one was hiding and to re-establish the international bridge. Was cleaning the site before opening. He said that he would finish it. He said it would be Sunday night at the earliest.

Officials also said they want to make sure that any other large immigrant group that may decide to set up similar camps is moving to the Del Rio area.


Rossano said there were no deaths during his stay at the camp and that either the camp or Del Rio’s hospital gave birth to 10 babies from an immigrant mother.

“We needed a village of this size to prevent the loss of lives and to really help welcome the birth of children here,” he called the relocation of all the migrants “amazing”. Rosano said.

Immigration numbers peaked last Saturday as migrants flocked to the border between Del Rio, Texas and Ciudad Acunya, Mexico, fueled by a turmoil of misinformation about the Biden administration’s policies and social media.

The United States and Mexico acted swiftly, following the humanitarian situation, which led to the resignation of the US envoy in Haiti and the appearance of images of border guards maneuvering horses to force immigrants to stop and relocate. inspired. He seemed desperate to end his anger.


On Friday, President Joe Biden said the way agents used their horses was “terrible” and resulted in “people will pay.” Agents were assigned to administrative duties while the administration was conducting investigations.

“There will be consequences,” Biden told reporters. “It’s shameful, but it’s more than shameful. It’s dangerous and wrong. Send the wrong message across the world and the wrong message at home. It’s just who we are. No.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas then spoke carefully about the pending investigation. When asked about the contradiction, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Biden “spoke from the bottom of his heart, not to hurt the results or interfere with the investigation.”

Security concerns and social unrest in the poorest countries of the Western Hemisphere have led to many migrants being deported, as they are not covered by the recently expanded protection of the more than 100,000 Haitian immigrants already in the United States by the Biden administration . Facing the devastating earthquake of 2010 has driven many people out of their homeland.


According to Mallorcas, nearly 2,000 Haitians have been swiftly expelled in 17 flights since Sunday, with more Haitians being expelled in the coming days under a pandemic force that denies people the opportunity to seek refuge. . It is expected that it will be done.

The Trump administration enacted a policy called Title 42 in March 2020 to justify a restrictive immigration policy to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The Biden administration used it to justify the deportation of Haitian immigrants.

Late last week, a federal judge found the rule inappropriate and gave the government two weeks to suspend it, but the Biden administration appealed.

Officials said the US State Department is in talks with Brazil and Chile to allow Haitians to return, but it is complicated because some of them no longer have legal status. Is.

The Mexico office of the United Nations International Organization for Migration issued a statement late Friday, instead allowing relocation to Haiti, some Haiti-resident countries or countries where children have citizenship. Searching said.


“If the migrants are willing to return and the countries concerned agree, IOM will provide expertise through the Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) program to assist these migrants to return in a safe and informed manner. We are ready to serve you,” the statement said.

According to Mallorcas, the United States has allowed about 12,400 immigrants to enter the country at least temporarily, but they have claimed to have entered the country before an immigration judge because of asylum law or other legal reasons. There is. They can eventually be discarded and removed.

Mallorcas said about 5,000 people have been detained at DHS and action is being taken to determine whether they will be expelled or allowed to claim legal residency. Some returned to Mexico.

US officials, who are directly aware of the situation, said six flights were scheduled for Haiti on Friday, seven on Saturday and six on Sunday, which are subject to change. .. The officers were not allowed to speak in public.


In Mexico, about 50 migrants (mostly unmarried men) stayed at a riverside camp in Ciudad Real Madrid on Friday night. Dozens of families returned to Del Rio overnight after Mexican authorities left the area. Some ciudads have moved to smaller hotels or private homes in Real Madrid.

Laxon, a 31-year-old Haitian immigrant who withdrew his surname out of fear, said he would leave with his wife and son in Mexicali, about 900 miles (1,450 kilometers) to the west along the Mexican-California border. Rice field.

“The alternative was to go to a place where there are few people and ask for legal documents in Mexico,” he said.

At the Barberde Border Humanitarian Union in Del Rio, immigrants disembarked from White Border Guard vans on Friday, and many were left in the United States with a smile and peace of mind. Some were carrying sleeping children. A child wrapped in a silver blanket followed his mother.


A man who walked about 1,500 miles (2,414 km) from Toledo, Ohio and wanted to pick up his friends and family, wore a neon yellow vest and silently scanned a line of Haiti migrants. .. Dave, who did not want to share his name, did not see him.

“My friend thinks it’s worth the time to get down and help out,” he wore a vest, so he met his friend (on a humanitarian trip to Haiti more than a decade ago). When she arrived with her husband and three-year-old daughter, the nurse found her in the crowd.

“I think this is an opportunity to serve someone,” Dave said. He considers himself a Trump supporter, but hates how immigration issues are politicized. “we have a lot.”


María Verza reported from Ciudad Acua, Mexico. AP journalist Sarah Morgan in Del Rio, Texas; Ben Fox and Nancy Benack in Washington. Elliot Spagat in Los Angeles. Tammy Weber of Fenton, Michigan contributed to this story.

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Texas immigration camps are empty and Haitians await words about their fate

Source Link Texas immigration camps are empty and Haitians await words about their fate


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