Texas Governor Matthew Dowd meets community at first event in San Antonio

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San Antonio — At a bar near San Antonio, Matthew Dowd delivers his share of handshakes and hugs. He has participated in several political campaigns, but never as a candidate. Dawood is a well-known figure of political strategy, but his name appears first on the Texas lieutenant governor’s ballot.

“I’m here because if I can’t beat the San Antonio area, I can’t win in Texas. This is our first one-on-one trip since I announced it. I’m gonna come, but that’s a lot.” important,” Dawood said.

Many people in the neighborhood bar recognized him. He has spent time on ABC, CNN and MSNBC as a political analyst and has been a Democratic and Republican political advisor. If things go well, he will be the next deputy governor of Texas and sack Dan Patrick, the current deputy governor.


“For whatever happened, in the January 6 riots and in reaction—and the Texas legislative session and everything—I just have to stand up and try to do more. I thought I was doing it,” David he said.

The decision to run for lieutenant governor was another change of party for men, not a change of strangers. David was a Democrat when he worked for Lt. Governor Bob Brock President George W. became Republican to support Bush’s candidacy, then became independent and is now a Democrat.

“I think Republican officials have failed in Texas. I think they have failed systematically in Texas. They are not protecting us during COVID. During grid failure, they are us. They are many Kind of don’t protect us from our ability to vote. They have failed us all,” said Dawood.

Daud lives in Wimberley and, in his words, plans to “recover some of the damage” done by the Republicans. He says he’s running as the Bobbrock/Ann Richards Democrat, but the dad needs to win the Democratic primary before the Republican can take on Danpatrick. He was opposed by Mike Collier, who nearly beat Patrick on the last lap.


Patrick has not commented on Dawood’s campaign. As for Collier, he said he hoped someone else would run and “welcome David” to the Democratic Party.

Mr. Daud is well aware that he is taking risks as the first finale of many events from election day to now, and this first candidate’s ability lies in his ability to connect with voters. It’s the key to being there. His name on the ballot.

“Listen, I like this bet, but I can’t stand my politics, and I just came to watch. I think people are suffering, so it’s worth the sacrifice. Yes, and eventually we’ve got to do more. “The limit has been crossed, so we must do more,” Dawood said.

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