Texas Governor Greg Abbott responds to Arlington High School shooting

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arlington – Texas officials are responding to news of a shooting at Arlington High School in Manhunt after four people were injured on Wednesday.

The incident occurred when a student identified as 18-year-old Timothy George Simpkins opened fire during a fight at Timberview High School. Two were shot dead and the other two wounded unspecified.

Arlington Police Chief Kevin Corby told a news conference that three of the four were taken to hospital.

Officials are currently looking for Simpkins who may be driving the 2018 Silver Dodge Charger on license plate number PFY-6260.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responds to the shooting at a news conference at the Texas border to discuss immigration.

“We mourn all those who have been harmed or affected in any way by this,” he said.


The shootings came more than a month after Abbott passed a new state law that allowed most of Texas to carry a pistol in public without proper training and permission.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz said he was praying for the victims and the school.

“I know we are all rising in prayer. Students, teachers, first responders, parents,” he said. “In so many schools, these numbers are so high that we thank first responders for their courage and heroes. Thank you and hope that all the students or persons who have been injured survive.”

Around Texas, other politicians and celebrities responded to the shooting.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott responds to Arlington High School shooting

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