Taliban replaces women’s government ministry

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Kabul, Afghanistan – Afghanistan’s Taliban ruler replaced the Ministry of Women with a “Ministry of Vice and Virtue”, who were tasked with enforcing the group’s rigid interpretation of Islam.

Saturday’s move is a fresh reminder of the group’s strict 1990 rules, which imposed strict restrictions on women.

The Taliban within the new ministry said it had not been informed where or where the new women’s ministry was planned.

Also on Saturday, employees of the World Bank’s $100 million Women’s Economic Empowerment and Rural Development Program were also taken off-site.

Program member Sharif Akhtar, who was with the staff, was unable to explain how and if the program could continue.


Description of Afghanistan:

– Intense friction between Taliban activists and extremists


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Hey what’s up:


United Nations – The United Nations Security Council has unanimously resolved that the new Taliban rulers in Afghanistan need to establish a comprehensive government with “full, equal and meaningful participation of women and protection of human rights”. unanimously approved.


The current UN political mission in Afghanistan has been extended by six months in a resolution adopted by the UN’s most powerful body on Friday. It also emphasizes the “continuing important role of the United Nations in promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan”.

A resolution drafted by Norway and Estonia would postpone the Security Council’s decision on the new UN mission until March 17, 2022, giving members time to evaluate the future actions of the Tullivan government. many months.

Norway and Estonia said in a joint statement to the council that the resolution “sends a unified message behind the future efforts of the United Nations in Afghanistan.”

The resolution states that the UN mission will continue to monitor and report on human rights, protect civilians and children from abuse and abuse, and “support the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in decision-making at all levels.” I assure

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Taliban replaces women’s government ministry

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