Taiwan legislators dispute as opponents attack COVID-19 policy

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Taipei Taiwan’s parliament fell into a violent dispute after opposition lawmakers interrupted a policy speech and took to the podium on Tuesday.

When Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang of the cabinet delivered an annual speech on government achievements focused on national security and the economy, opposition lawmakers rushed to the speakers’ podium.

In subsequent melee battles, many MPs were pushed to the ground, and others poured bottled water on the enemy. Sue could not give a speech.

Opposition lawmakers (Kuomintang, Kuomintang) broke barriers created by Suu Kyi’s own party, the ruling Democratic Party, by shouting for the speaker’s resignation.

The Kuomintang has criticized the ruling party’s administration for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, lawmakers indicated that the pilot’s recently reduced quarantine requirements were a “major violation”.


The largest coronavirus outbreak in Taiwan in May and June this year killed more than 800 people. The source has not been identified, but many suspect the virus may have spread from pilots returning from abroad after only three days of quarantine.

Last year, members of the Kuomintang brought pig guts into the room to protest Taiwan’s lifting of a ban on American pork products and threw them into a brawl.

On YouTube, where video of the fight was shared, some commentators praised the Kuomintang as “strengthening”.


This story has been modified to show that Suu is the head of the cabinet, not the head of the legislature.

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Taiwan legislators dispute as opponents attack COVID-19 policy

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