Susan Collins called the Texas abortion law “inhumane” and called the Roe v. Wade case “the law of the land.”

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Republican Senator Susan Collins said on Saturday Texas Law According to the Associated Press, most abortion restrictions in the state, which went into effect last month, are “extreme, inhumane and unconstitutional.”

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In addition, Collins expressed support for the Roe v. Wade case as a “law of the land”. The Roe v. Wade case is a significant decision that legalized abortion nationwide in 1973. This isn’t the first time a liberal Collins has supported the protests of many conservatives over the decades.

“I support Roe’s codification,” Collins said in September, the Los Angeles Times reported. “Unfortunately, the bill … goes much further than this. It would seriously undermine the conscious exceptions to the existing law.”

Collins referred to a Democratic-backed bill in Congress to ensure access to abortion in all 50 states. Collins opposed the bill.

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Collins’ remarks were issued as the first women’s march in which President Joe Biden attacked Washington, DC on the Supreme Court.

Susan Collins calls the Texas abortion law “inhumane” and Roe v. Wade called the case “the law of the land”.

Source Link Susan Collins calls the Texas abortion law “inhumane” and calls the Roe v. Wade case “the law of the land.”


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