Southern Baptist Convention leader resigns at Abuse Review Department

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Nashville, Tennessee. The chief executive of the Southern Baptist Convention has resigned after weeks of internal division over how best to handle an investigation into the sect’s response to sexual abuse reports.

Ronnie Floyd, chairman and chief executive officer of SBC’s executive committee, announced his resignation on Thursday in a statement criticizing recent decisions related to third-party reviews. He said he would step down at the end of the month.

“Because of my personal integrity and the leadership responsibility entrusted to me, I no longer fulfill my obligations as a leader in SBC enforcement, finance, and trustee organizations, but do anymore. I can’t,” Floyd said. said.

An executive committee-funded research firm reviews allegations that the committee unfairly handled abuse reports and abuse survivors. Under mounting pressure from several meetings and throughout the conference, the divided Executive Committee agreed on 5 October to hand over legally protected records to investigators, lawyers/clients, for investigation. I resolved to relinquish my privileges.


Proponents of the exemption said it met the key requirements of thousands of delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention, which initiated a third-party review. Opponents said it could jeopardize the treaty’s insurance policy and is financially dangerous.

Floyd said in a statement that the executive committee was committed to the review, but it could have been done “without creating these potential risks associated with treaty liability.”

For years, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States has been dealing with sexual abuse scandals. The Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News report in 2019 after hundreds of abuses were filed at the Southern Baptist Convention and alleged perpetrators continued their missionary work. It was kept under observation.


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Southern Baptist Convention leader resigns at Abuse Review Department

Source Link Southern Baptist Convention Leader Resigns in Abuse Review Department


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