Sheriff Salazar, Sheriff County, sees rise in violent crimes

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In the past 48 hours, the city of San Antonio has seen at least five shots and multiple puncture wounds.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar attended Major SA Discuss crime trends and the effects of the new constitutional carry law on Sunday.

“”Heinous crimes are on the rise. And, as you know, so I fought hard with the Commissioner’s Court through the budget process and stood firm in all positions…. I have 12 positions in the chopping block and we just fought it. And thankfully we won the battle,” said Sheriff Salazar.

In addition to violent crimes, sheriff’s offices target specific crimes, Salazar said.

“Smuggling is still at the forefront, along with illicit drugs and organized crime. As you know, we are committed to a great deal of organized and unorganized crime. We have gang units up and running. “It needs to be up and running, and there are covert operations groups targeting these organizations that benefit from all of this,” said security officer Salazar.


Salazar said the BCSO is currently trying to do unmanned border crossings.

“”An empty border guard post. My understanding is that they send all available border guard agents to the border, handle the people, and leave their posts unattended. The problem is that even dope dealers know this. Smugglers also know this. And they’re just running unchecked by the United States. So we’re working as hard on everyone as possible. And we inform organized crime folks that there are drug ban agents on the highway, as we’ve been talking about. We are trying to stop this illegal substance from flowing into our country,” said Sheriff Salazar.

On Sunday, the Biden administration is expected to begin sending immigrants from Del Rio to their hometowns of Haiti. You can read the latest here.


In the video player above, you can watch a full interview with Leading SA with Sheriff Salazar.

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Sheriff Salazar, Sheriff County, sees rise in violent crimes

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