Senator Tim Scott: Left “puts politics on the people” on police reform

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“American Sunday Night with Trey Gaudí”, Senator Tim Scott, R.C. To discuss their efforts to reform the police despite the recent dwindling bill. were invited.

Gordy said last week that the Democratic Party had not passed the police reform bill. More specifically, he remarked that none of the Democrats had been criticized for the failure, despite abandoning the talks. Scott said it was part of the Left “putting politics on the people” and wanted President Biden to win.

“They manage so many crises that I think they are looking for ways to bring Biden to victory. Think Afghanistan crisis, border crisis, Middle East crisis, spending crisis and tax crisis. try it. It focuses on political and partisan victory over the people. They will really seek perfection and make it a good enemy. “

Scott also reiterated that 81 percent of African Americans want the same or higher level of police in their neighborhoods. He argued that the bill would actually serve to protect and limit local police.

BRADYSLAMS will create “economic and political crisis” with more expenditure

“The bill has more than seven clauses, which literally means that if the national standard does not instruct all local police, we will cut funding or force them out of funding.” Scott said.

Gordy said Democrats were willing to hold talks with Scott to find a solution months ago. Scott replied that there seems to be a pattern of Democrats and elites who are more interested in the problem than the solution.

“We are on the table because we want to provide a solution, but on the other hand, we sometimes feel that we like the problem better than the solution. For the solution, HBCU or African American, Hispanic, Asian. For Americans most The low unemployment rate, the lowest unemployment rate for women in 70 years, increased labor force participation. Continuing to campaign on issues the Democratic Party has ever had, the right direction for solutions under the GOP. I set it up to find solutions. It’s what every American wants, whether you’re black or white, red or blue. You want a fair judiciary. Still, with our Democrats. The elite keeps telling the poor from the marginalized community that you just have to wait. We’ll get in touch with you someday we’ll deal with this problem, but Republicans will come up with a solution. . “

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Despite Democratic efforts, Scott stopped reiterating his efforts to support the local police.

“Remember that this problem happened to us. The super-large of all the big blue cities and their councils run by the mayors of Chicago and Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and the Democratic Party. Many were the most vulnerable. Have decided not to work for the people. The community. Yes, all of them tried to refund the police. We want to refund the police. Public safety is one of the jobs,” he said.

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