San Marcos becomes home to medical marijuana facilities

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SAN MARCOS, Texas — The latest medical marijuana law gives Texas easier access to cannabis treatments, paving the way for even more future access to a city in central Texas.

The San Marcos land plot will be home to more than 60,000 square feet of campus for medical marijuana, in order to better meet the needs of Central Texans using medical cannabis.

Lisglo is one of those patients. She lives about 20 miles from San Marcos. When she doesn’t run her production company, she runs in good health. But not long ago, she was working hard.

“That vision that someone is standing on your bed at night, I’ve had before,” Glo said.

The Central Texan is wrestling with PTSD due to an abusive relationship.

“I got out of the relationship and then kind of tracked down. My house was ransacked,” she said.

She says that medical marijuana saved her from sleepless nights and worries that affected her personal and work life.

“When I use more THC than Xanax and other antidepressants, I feel a lot more capable and empowered,” she said.

Gro is one of thousands of Texas people standing to benefit from San Marcos’ new medical marijuana facility. The multi-million dollar project will be the new headquarters of Good Blend Texas, a state-approved medical cannabis pharmacy.

Markus Ruark, president of GoodBlend, said the entire project has received a good response.

“In San Marcos, we have found a community that is incredibly welcoming of our business and our mission to help Texas people in need,” he said.

Ultimately, the vacant space in front of the Army Reserve Center will be a multifunctional operation with cannabis cultivation, product testing and compounding, pharmacies and an education centre.

San Marcos becomes home to medical marijuana facilities

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