San Antonio uses TikToker accounts to emphasize the city’s food culture

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San Antonio – Local TikToker Gabrielle Gonzalez, with thousands of followers, has found a way to eat, in the heart of San Antonio.

She is the creator of the popular @Siempre_SanantonioTikTok account.

Gonzales invites people to discover new food in his beloved city with two simple words: “Hi guys.”

“Due to the pandemic, I started using TikTok. I started scrolling through TikTok and then said I could make these myself,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales is now making waves in the community with over 250 videos and nearly 80,000 followers since then.

“I didn’t think I liked the video as much as I did,” Gonzales says. “It is like reaching more people on TikTok. It’s amazing.”

Moving south, Gonzales said he wants everyone to see San Antonio’s favorite spots, especially local businesses.

“I’m very grateful for the platform I have, because it helped me see another part of the city,” Gonzales said. “So I’ve been to the East Side a lot. I’ve been to the West Side a lot. There’s a lot of culture, a lot of food, a lot of art.”


One of his first videos was about UTSA Boulevard’s Babcock Road and the Cosmicons.

Owner Crystal Bless was shocked when she saw a video of him at a month-old shaved ice business.

“All of a sudden we started pouring in people, it’s all a direct result of him posting this TikTok,” Bless said.

@Siempre_Sanantonio Very popular and companies are now contacting them directly.

Stix and Stones, located on Wurtzbach Road, is another local company that allowed Gonzales to sample to create the best videos for his followers.

She continues to make joyful videos while waiting for her 100,000 followers to reach the milestone.

“So it’s great to be able to show people that our city has a lot to offer,” Gonzales said. “When it comes to food, when it comes to culture, when it comes to events and when it comes to activities. There is a lot you can do here in San Antonio. I would love to introduce it.”

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