Prescott, Cowboys beat Giants 44-20 years after ankle injury

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Duck Prescott threw three touchdowns against the same opponent at the same stadium the day before the first anniversary of his serious ankle injury, and the Dallas Cowboys hit the New York Giants 44-20 on Sunday. I broke it.

The already injured Giants returned Saxon Barkley with an ankle sprain in the first quarter and injured quarterback Daniel Jones in the second quarter.


Uzi Jones after getting into the car, New York (1-4) also pulled 10 in the first snap of the season for backup QB Mike Glennon. It’s a 4-down handoff for Devonte Booker instead of Berkeley.

Glennon and the Giants couldn’t keep it up 364 days later—Dallas backup Andy Dalton went on to win 37–34 at home to the Cowboys after a compound fracture and dislocation of Prescott’s right ankle at the end of the season. I headed back.

Dallas (4–1) has won four games in a row since losing to champions Tampa Bay in the first round.

Prescott did the scoring toss 49 yards CeeDee Lamb 24 yards from Amari Cooper before Starr returned Ezekiel Elliot caught the pass flat and entered the end zone on the high steps To check his back immediately after missing two plays for a 4-yard score.

Jones was injured when rookie Cowboys linebacker Jabril Cox hit the goal line at bootlegs from scratch. in order to help.

Kurt knew his season was over because of the horrific scene on the field, and a little later for Jones, exactly a year before the emotional Prescott was kicked out in a pandemic-banned crowd. It came out.

Prescott celebrated with over 90,000 people at AT&T Stadium for the third straight week. He bounced off the passcut, 22 of 32 for 302 yards. Failed snap for lost error In the first half.

Berkeley had two carries for nine yards when he stepped on Dallas cornerback Jordan Lewis in a play off the ball. Television footage showed considerable swelling on the outside of the left ankle.

Elliott finished in the series for more than 100 yards, reaching 110 yards for the first time since his third straight win in 2019. Suspend 13-yard scoring run in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys attacked for a total of 515 yards.

Glennon was 25 of 16 for 196 yards, with a 3-yard touchdown and two intercepts to Booker. Trayvon Diggs was sixth in the NFL’s lead, and in the final two minutes, the second was returned by Anthony Brown for a score from 45 yards.

Diggs has had at least one interception in all five games. The only other Dallas player to do so was 1961’s Don Bishop.

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Tony threw

Giants rookie receiver Kadarius Toni made the season’s best 10 catches for 189 yards, but was sent off after the final reception after throwing a punch at Dallas safety da Monta Acazzi. Tony threw a punch after Kazi threw him to the ground at the end of the 13-yard game. Toni and Kazi were given to compensate for acts contrary to the spirit of the game.


Giants LT Andrew Thomas was active but could not start due to a leg injury. Nate Solder moved from RT to LT, and Matt Peart took the position of Solder. Solder was the first LT before exiting the pandemic-changing 2020 season. … New York lost WR Kenny Gorade to a knee injury as WR’s Sterling Shepard and Darius Layton were no longer present due to hamstring injuries. CB Roderius Williams also could not make a comeback due to a knee injury.


Giants: The Los Angeles Rams is coming next Sunday.

Cowboys: The first 17 games added to the season will take place next Sunday in New England.


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