One Great Afternoon: Frustration Threatens Biden Reset

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It was a time that President Joe Biden certainly wanted to forget.

On Friday, the Pentagon confirmed that 10 civilians, including seven children, were killed instead of terrorists in a drone strike in Afghanistan. The panel, which advises the Food and Drug Administration, voted not to recommend COVID booster shots to all Americans over the age of 16. France has announced that it is recalling its ambassador to the United States out of anger that Biden has been dethroned. Secret nuclear submarine agreement between Britain and Australia.

Headlines for punishment, within an hour, highlighted the president’s threat of uncontrollable events that could define his term.

They came as Biden saw a dwindling number of official approvals as the COVID-19 crisis deepened and Americans condemned the defiant United States withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The administration wanted to develop stricter vaccine guidelines, a new League of Nations to thwart China and a re-commitment to Biden’s best efforts. -Access the spending bill that forms the center of his agenda.

Those ambitions are more difficult now.

Biden has declared defeating the pandemic a central mission of the president, but the United States now averages more than 145,000 confirmed cases per day, down from a low of about 8,500 per day three months ago. I have a COVID-19 case.

The president has delegated responsibility for the resurgence of the case to more than 70 million illiterate Americans and Republicans who have resisted his increasingly powerful efforts to urge people to be shot. Ally wanted full FDA approval of the boosters, but the advisory board recommended them only for people over age 65 or with underlying health or special conditions.

Recently a Biden aide quietly expressed relief that the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan (like the nearly 20 years of war) was headlined. That sentiment was shattered Friday afternoon when the Pentagon revealed the false target of the last US drone strike of the war.

Biden has long advocated leaving Afghanistan, even after the terrorist bombing that killed 13 American soldiers, and told his adviser that the decision was the right one. The president is known for his firm conviction, the insistence that flared up when he turned down an offer to express regret over how the comeback took place.

Since then, allies have quickly observed that more than 120,000 people have been successfully evacuated, claiming that the United States’ calm efforts ensured a steady withdrawal from Taliban control.

The end in Afghanistan was part of an effort to refocus foreign policy on China, whose aim was intensified by the surprise announcement of a deal between the United States, Britain and Australia.

But not only did Beijing bow down, but so did Paris, as France was furious and accused the United States of breaking France from the alliance and abandoning submarine deals with Australia.

And France recalled the ambassador after its officials expressed dismay that Biden, in their estimation, proved to be as unreliable a partner as his predecessor, Donald Trump. I did

Tensions with France came just as Biden wanted to pivot to his ambitious domestic agenda.

However, there is a sharp ideological difference among Democrats in the Capitol regarding the size and contents of the $3.5 trillion spending package, which was intended to be passed parallel to the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. And everyone in Congress is forced to adjust to the White House legislation, while overwhelmed by debt limits and impending deadlines for government funding.

The West Wing worked to secure passage of $1.9 trillion in COVID bailouts in March and more than $1 trillion in the Senate in August, according to six White House aides and outside advisers. Rebuilding legislative strategy Advancing partisan infrastructure bill Discuss internal deliberations. Biden, together with lawmakers, will pass the House of Representatives along with a $3.5 trillion spending bill that covers many of the president’s priorities like climate change and childcare, and will pass the Senate in line with party policy. it has become.

With a 50-50 draw in the Senate and only a small Democratic margin in the House, they rarely lose votes and unite Democratic moderates such as Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kirsten in West Virginia. It can be a difficult task to accomplish. Cinema in Arizona, which wants a much lower-spending bill, and liberals like Senator Bernie Sanders in Vermont have clearly said they can’t shrink.

The White House is also the president in a program that aims to highlight the need to pass a bill that includes linking natural disaster sites (fires in California and Idaho, hurricanes in New York and New Jersey) with climate change. I started refilling my schedule. Change legal financing.

And last Thursday, the White House scheduled him to deliver a speech from the East Room, which had previously been tentatively planned for Biden’s vacation. More will help fund his plans without providing new details.

But there are obstacles. Munchkin couldn’t help Biden with $3.5 trillion, and White House aides said he had begun to signal a smaller package to quell the anger of progressives.

Still, Biden’s advisers believe that even if the package is unfortunate, Democrats would not want him to be seen as undermining the agenda of his party’s president.

As activity returns to Washington, the White House is downplaying the president’s visit to support Capitol Hill’s agenda, but Biden has not personally done enough to sell him the law. Members across the country are concerned among Democrats in the department.

The White House says Biden is actively traveling to promote the cabinet law even when the president is in Washington.

The reduced travel is about the level of risk Biden would have faced during his recent Tough West trip, mixing in groups and making his three-stop trip to celebrate the September 11 anniversary. That comes in some concerns from his colleagues, two officials said. Biden, 78, didn’t even take summer break. His plan to spend August at his home in Delaware was overwhelmed by the crisis in Afghanistan.

Ally finally scheduled a break for him. Spent a long weekend at his home on Rehoboth Beach along Delaware’s beach. He reached home after 1:30 pm on Friday.

After 90 minutes, the hope of a quiet weekend vanished.

One Great Afternoon: Frustration Threatens Biden Reset

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