Oklahoma GOP leaders outraged by non-binary birth certificates

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Oklahoma City — Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and other Republican leaders expressed anger Thursday after learning that the state Department of Health issued a non-binary gender-named birth certificate this year.

In May, the agency issued a birth certificate to Kit Loreld, who was born in Oklahoma and lives in Oregon. This birth certificate has been identified as non-binary and uses the pronoun. Those that are non-binary do not bear any resemblance to traditional male or female gender assignments.

Loreld filed the lawsuit after the Oklahoma Department of Health rejected the first request. The ministry, represented by the attorney general’s office, reached a settlement in May and agreed to add non-binary as an alternative to birth certificates.

Republican Governor Kevin Stitt attributed the deal on Thursday.

“I believe that people are created by God to be male or female. There is no such thing as non-binary sex with proper approval and supervision,” Stitt said in a statement. I sincerely condemn the OSDH court settlement that was allegedly concluded by fraudulent activists who acted without action. “


A Stitt spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a message attempting to identify the person the governor claimed to be a fraud worker. The settlement was reached by Loreld’s attorney, the Ministry of Health and the Attorney General’s office.

According to Lorelead’s proceedings, 17 states and the District of Columbia are currently aware of non-binary gender status and allow such designations in identifying documents.

Oklahoma Health Commissioner Dr. Lance Fry said in a statement that a settlement was reached under the control of former Attorney General Mike Hunter, working with Stitt and new Attorney General John O’Connor. Rice field.

“If the previous agreement is challenged, we will continue accordingly,” Fry said.

Lorelde’s lawyer, Christopher Brecht, said his client was very pleased with the deal and was shocked by the anger of Republican leaders.


“I certainly don’t understand the fierce opposition to something like this. I don’t understand how it affects dual individuals, so a quick protest is surprising to me.”

Brecht said his clients simply wanted a birth certificate indicating who they were.

“From my point of view, being something that recognizes you first to the world, that it doesn’t recognize you at all, I can’t think of to be worse. Hmm,” he said.

According to a statement from Speaker of the House Charles McCall and Speaker of the Senate Pro Tempore Greg Treat, the agreement is an unauthorized overkill by the executive branch.

Adair’s Republican Senator Michael Bergstrom has presented a bill for next session that requires men and women to be the only option for birth certificates.

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