Officials say VIA is proposing temporary changes to services due to labor shortage

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San Antonio – VIA is considering temporary service changes to meet the demands of the San Antonio area despite labor shortages.

The shipping company proposed bus schedule and route service changes during a boardwork session on Tuesday.

According to VIA officials, service changes affect the frequency of buses on certain routes, with a difference of 2-5 minutes on most of the affected routes. On less demanding routes, you may notice a difference of 20-30 minutes.

According to the VIA, other re-routing is planned due to construction and external factors. VIAtrans and VIALink services are not affected.

VIA President and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey C. Aronto said the impact of the pandemic is affecting transport across the country.

“These temporary changes will enable us to provide the highest quality and most balanced service at this time and continue to move towards recovery,” Arndt said.

The changes must be approved by the VIA Board of Directors on 28 September.


VIA officials said that if approved, the changes would be effective from October 25.

VIA will host a free virtual phone town hall on Thursday to discuss proposed service changes. The program starts at 7 pm and anyone interested in joining the program can register here. City Hall will also be streamed on the Facebook page.

For more information on route and schedule changes, please visit the VIA website.

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Officials say VIA is proposing temporary changes to services due to labor shortage

Source link VIA is proposing temporary changes to services in case of labor shortage, say officials


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