Obama, Queen Elizabeth, US Senators Remember 9/11

Last surviving Khmer Rouge leader says Cambodia not behind bloodshed

September 11, 2021

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former presidents, world leaders and US lawmakers reflect on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Bill Clinton, 42nd US President

“America will never forget those who lost their lives, those who risked or gave their lives to save others, and whose lives were changed forever 20 years ago. Unity, hope for all of us.” Thank you for coming together again with compassion and determination.”

Barack Obama, 44th US President

“Today we honor the nearly 3,000 men, women and children who died on September 11, 2001, and even more who lost their lives in the service of our country over two decades. We reaffirm our commitment to holding a sacred faith with our families – including children who have lost a parent, and who have demonstrated such extraordinary resilience. But this anniversary is also about reflecting on what we’ve learned in the 20 years since that fateful morning. “

US Senator James Risk

“Twenty years later, it is still hard to understand these acts of pure evil… I have always supported efforts to end the war in Afghanistan responsibly in a way that keeps Americans safe, but I am deeply concerned that President Biden’s exit from the disastrous Afghanistan would erase twenty years of arduous struggle in the war on terrorism and put us at great risk once again.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“As we reflect on the past 20 years, we remain committed to the Afghan people, and continue to promote and advocate for the protection of fundamental human rights in Afghanistan – particularly for women and girls. Will also continue to support active members and veterans of the Armed Forces and the many civil servants who have served in Afghanistan. And we remember those who lost their lives defending peace, freedom and democracy.”

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth

“… my thoughts and prayers – and that of my family and the entire nation – are with the victims, survivors and families as well as the first responders and rescue workers called on duty … as we live in many countries, religions While honoring the people, and backgrounds who lost their lives, we also pay tribute to the resilience and determination of the communities that joined together to rebuild.”

(Reporting by Heather Timmons; Editing by Diane Craft)


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