New York Attorney General James defends Cuomo investigation

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New York New York Attorney General Letitia James has dismissed former governor Andrew Cuomo’s criticism of a bomb report from his office detailing the sexual assault allegations against Cuomo.

James spoke with a group of civic leaders at businesses, nonprofits and other organizations in New York City on Wednesday, and his office announced in August that it found that Cuomo sexually assaulted at least 11 women. Was. He defended the 165-page report and urged the Democratic Party to resign.

“Mr. Cuomo has a lot to say about these issues, but he is not responsible for his actions. He is about how his actions affected our state government. James said.


Cuomo denied intentionally abusing the women and pressured them to resign as a political inspiration. He said he was holding back to avoid exposing the state to months of turmoil. Since announcing his resignation, he has questioned the independence of the investigation and promoted a social media opinion column that said his removal was an organized political bash.

“It was politics. At every level,” he said.

In a five-month non-criminal investigation out of James’ office, when Cuomo said he touched inappropriately, commented on her appearance, and made suggestive comments on her sex life, 11 inside and outside the state government. He concluded that a woman was telling the truth. The report also detailed attempts made by some of their employees to undermine the credibility of some of their whistleblowers.


James said, “Let’s not focus on what’s important.” “It’s not me. It’s not Mr. Cuomo, it’s the survivor of his oppression. Those who have lost their trust in our state are broken. And those who believed in him, including me. Who isn’t beyond the law.” , and our state can do better going forward.”

James investigated Gob at the time, in contrast to his investigation, which Cuomo himself had done when he was attorney general. Elliot Spitzer resigned in 2008 over a prostitution scandal. She said the investigation began after Cuomo’s office presented her charges and took five months, led by an outside investigator. According to James, Cuomo’s investigation at Spitzer began without an outside referral and took 20 days to process in-office.

She said her office plans to publicly publish copies of 179 people interviewed as part of the investigation.

The James Office has released only an excerpt from the interview. The Associated Press submitted a request for public records in August requesting full transcripts and records of interviews with Cuomo and other witnesses, but has yet to receive the material.


In a statement, Cuomo’s senior adviser and his longtime spokesman, Rich Azzopardi, said, “Whenever a specific question was raised about the lack or inaccuracy of AG’s report, AG and its employees were called to duck.” There needs to be a signal of grave danger. A convincing reply from the AG on the credibility of her report – especially as she is considering running for governor.”

Before resigning, Cuomo, his lawyer and staff asked about the date a whistleblower said he was groping for her at the governor’s mansion.

James is considered the 2022 candidate for governor of New York. After speaking at the event on Wednesday, James refrained from asking moderators if she would run, saying, “I focus on my work, nod my head, and serve everyone as an advocate.” said.



Related press writer Michael R. Sisak contributed to this report.

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