New Florida bill mimics Texas’ harsher abortion ban

Texas News Today

TALAHASI, Florida (AP) — An abortion bill similar to the one signed in Texas was filed in Florida on Wednesday, banning most abortions in the state and allowing lawsuits against doctors for violations. Down.

The law, filed by Republican Representative Webster Burnaby, soon faced opposition from Democrats, who wanted to uphold legal abortion rights. Burnaby’s office said it was not ready to comment.

“This bill is dangerous, radical and unconstitutional. This attempt by Governor DeSantis and the Republicans in the Legislature to deprive us of our rights as well as “promote my body, my choice” about wearing a mask. I absolutely hate hypocrisy,” said statement from Nikki Fried, Agriculture Commissioner. Fried is the Democratic nominee to challenge DeSantis next year.

A similar bill died in Florida parliament last session, but because the U.S. Supreme Court detected so-called “fetal heartbeat” or decided not to block a Texas law prohibiting abortion at about six weeks. did. The debate has intensified. Many women realize what they are expecting before pregnancy.

Medical experts say that the activity of the heart is not the actual heartbeat, but the first pulse of electrical activity in the cells of the fetus. They state that the heart does not begin to form until the fetus is at least 9 weeks old, and condemn efforts to promote abortion bans by relying on medical inaccuracies.

After the Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, Republican leaders began to consider what could be done in Florida. DeSantis said the legislation was interesting and Republican Senate President Wilton Simpson expressed support for a similar legislation.

House Republican Speaker Chris Sproles said he wanted to tighten the speaker’s restrictions, but added that the legislation should be drafted to counter not only federal law but also the state’s constitution.

“I have always fought for the fetus and its right to life. The Florida House of Representatives was a national leader in developing the law during my lifetime,” said a spokesperson. “Our law must be strong enough to jump to multiple levels of judicial review. We look forward to laying a bill on the floor that will save the lives of all fetal bodies as much as possible. I am “

DeSantis’s office said the law would be reviewed.

“Governor DeSantis has a professional life. The governor’s office is aware that the bill was presented today and, like all legislation, will oversee the bill as it goes through the legislative process within the next few months.” DeSantis spokesman Tallinn Fenske said in an email.

In addition to banning abortion after cardiac activity is detected, the bill would change all references to “fetus” in the state’s abortion law to “fetus.”

The bill requires a civil award of $10,000 from the doctor performing the procedure or the defendant who “supports or aids” the procedure for each abortion. After an illegal abortion, it would take six years for people to file proceedings.

After the Texas law went into effect, Republicans in Florida and other states said they would consider introducing a bill using the Texas law as a model. These states include Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota and South Dakota.

“A terrible excuse for this bill to attack women and children seeking abortions before they become pregnant,” Democrat Anna Escamani said in a statement. “Extreme attacks on reproductive health are not about policy, but about control and shame, and negatively impact communities that already face barriers to care.”


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