NBA issues protocol for teams to guard against COVID-19 this season

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The NBA earlier this week announced a temporary health and safety protocol for the team, with unvaccinated players without COVID-19 being tested more often than their vaccinated colleagues and many others. I explained in detail how to cope with the limitations.

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  • This week, the NBA unveiled an interim health and safety protocol that outlines how unvaccinated COVID-19 players are tested more often than their vaccinated peers.
  • Non-vaccinated players also will not be able to eat in the same room as vaccinated teammates and staff. Also, lockers should be kept masked and at least 6 feet away from the vaccinated player as far as possible from all participants in the team meeting.
  • The league has a vaccination rate of 90%, but an NBA spokesman said the players’ union, the NBA, “refused to have vaccination requirements.”
  • Some of the top NBA players, including Bradley Beal in Washington and Andrew Wiggins at Golden State, say they live without vaccinations.

Some rules for non-vaccinated players are that they cannot eat in the same room as their vaccinated teammates or staff, and have a locker as far away from the vaccinated player as possible. You must be masked and at least 6 feet away from all other participants. In any team meeting.

In addition, unvaccinated players are “required to stay in their homes when in their own market,” the Associated Press informed the team in a draft rule for which they obtained a copy. They are also required to stay in the team hotel facility during the trip. In both cases, there are a limited number of permitted exceptions, such as going to buy groceries or taking the child to school.

The NBA also states that unvaccinated players are not allowed to visit “high-risk environments” such as restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment venues and large indoor gatherings.

The league has worked with the National Basketball Players Association to lay out protocols but few details a few weeks ago, including rules for testing unvaccinated players on all drills, trips, team activities and match days. But an agreement was reached. With very few exceptions, fully vaccinated players are not subject to testing.

Fully vaccinated athletes (at least 90% of the league’s applicable categories) will resume operations as usual. Unvaccinated athletes will be immediately tested for coronavirus on the day the team is practicing, traveling, or holding a similar team event. Apart from this, lab based inspection will have to be done on the day of the match.

“Compulsory vaccines for NBA players require an agreement with the Players Association,” said NBA spokesman Mike Bass. “The NBA made these proposals, but the athletes’ union rejected the vaccination requirements.”

The NBPA then responded by celebrating the 90% vaccination rate and noting how it is higher than the national rate. “The real story isn’t why the NBA doesn’t require vaccinations. The real story for vaccination advocates is how to emulate NBA athletes,” said the union’s office, director Michelle Roberts.

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers says he doesn’t want to tell people what to do about vaccinations. But with more than 50 million followers on Twitter and nearly 100 million followers on Instagram, James revealed he was vaccinated on Tuesday. Like many other famous NBA names, such as Portland’s Damien Lillard, Lakers teammate Anthony Davis and Milwaukee’s Janice Adetocampo, James said he took shots to keep his family safe. Rice field.

James said, “I think everyone has their own preference for what’s right for themselves, their families, and their nature.” “I know I was very (skeptical) about it, but when I saw it, I found it true not only for myself but also for my family and friends. And you know that’s why I decided to do it . “

Some of the top NBA players, including Bradley Beal in Washington and Andrew Wiggins at Golden State, say they live without vaccinations. Phoenix star Devin Booker missed the start of camp as he tested positive. I disclosed it over the weekend, but did not say if I had been vaccinated. Others, such as Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving (NBPA’s vice president), have suggested that Irving, who did not directly attend Nets Media Day on Monday, was not vaccinated, but disclosed the vaccination status. I refused to do so.

Irving practiced with the Nets this week in San Diego, where the team is hosting a training camp.

The situation for Wiggins and Irving is particularly troublesome, as local ordinances in San Francisco and New York require vaccinations or league exceptions to play home games. half of the schedule. Irving will earn about $35 million this season and Wiggins about $32 million.

“Players who choose not to comply with local vaccination obligations will not be paid for games they have missed,” Bass said on Wednesday.

The difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes is when flagged athletes contact because they may have come in contact with people who are positive for COVID-19. The NBA told the team that it would also affect the rules surrounding the flag.

People who are fully vaccinated often don’t need to be quarantined, but they do need a 7-day test. Non-vaccinated players marked for contact tracing should be quarantined for 7 days.

The NBA and players are still working on some final themes, and unlike last year, we anticipate that this season we will not see a wave of postponements or lengthy absences for players due to the virus. The rest of the topics include those that lead to the need for testing of fully vaccinated players.

Some of the rules from last season will continue to apply, at least starting this season. Regardless of vaccination status, all players and staff must wear masks in almost all situations at team facilities, on travel and on the bench during matches. Bench rules do not apply to head coaches who are not required to be masked during the game.

It has also long been agreed that the vaccination will be required if the athlete has, i.e. state crew employees, team attendants and even NBA referees.


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