More Afghan refugees to arrive in US next week

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Washington – The US military expects to begin accepting new Afghan refugees into the United States next week as thousands begin to lift a three-week suspension in Europe and the Middle East for vaccination against measles. ..

US Northern Command General Glenn VanHelk told reporters on Thursday that about 14,000 foreign Afghans are expected to arrive in the US. The total capacity is approaching 64,000.

“I think flying will start here in the very near future,” Van Helk said. “I was able to see something next week” as the 21-day vaccination process was completed.

VanHerk said there are 4,000 evacuees at US bases who have completed medical and other screening procedures and are allowed to stay away from the United States. This will free up base rooms for people airlifted from abroad when they start moving to a new home.


“We rely on production to ensure that we have enough capacity for the additional remaining Afghans coming in this way,” he said. An additional 2,400 Afghans have already completed the screening process and have already moved to their new home.

Due to the withdrawal of US troops and the rapid takeover of the country by the Taliban, thousands of Afghans were airlifted from Afghanistan in a chaotic evacuation effort.

However, cases of measles were detected when Afghan refugees began arriving in bases around Europe and the Middle East. Based on recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Customs and Border Protection has suspended all flights of Afghan refugees around September 10. It will be turned on.

In total, Van Helk said there were 24 cases of measles, of which 12 are currently active. He said as of Thursday, all Afghans had been vaccinated against measles and the 21-day waiting period would end early next week, depending on when the vaccine was given. ..


Van Helk was asked about the attack on the US base and other issues and said two Afghans were charged with sexual assault in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. There were other incidents including minor clashes, assault, dacoity and eight reports of theft.

Federal officials are still investigating an attack by three to four men on female military personnel at Fort Bliss, Texas. So far, no one has been arrested or charged in the case, and officials are still trying to identify the person.

Van Herck also said that about 84 percent of the evacuees were at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19. He said the pause in pace over the past three weeks gave him enough time to take a second shot. Others have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine.

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More Afghan refugees to arrive in US next week

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