Masking in Texas school: Federal judges listen to the discussion

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The proceedings were filed by 14 Texas students with disabilities. Three students live in Central Texas.

Austin, Texas – Earlier this year, 14 children in Texas filed proceedings against Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Education Agency over a presidential order on masks.

A federal judge is hearing the case on Wednesday, October 6 in Austin. Court hearing begins at 9 am

The three children listed in the proceedings live in central Texas and attend Leander ISD, Hayes CISD and Round Rock ISD. The other 11 are from other parts of Texas, including San Antonio, Castroville, Killeen, Galveston, Katie, Richardson, Hidalgo and Fort Bend.

Students with disabilities said the governor’s order violated civil rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Children who meet CDC high-risk criteria for coronavirus are between the ages of 7 and 11 and are not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. They say they cannot return to face-to-face classes without taking serious risks to their health and safety because they do not need masks.

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“The exclusion of children from public school classes because of a disability constitutes a form of discrimination and racism, intended to prevent and specifically prohibit the ADA and its amendments,” the lawsuit states. Growth.

Governor Abbott’s executive order, GA-38, bans masking obligations in Texas public schools.

The 2021 US Rescue Planning Act, enacted by the US Congress, has poured billions of dollars into emergency relief funds in school districts. Funds have been specifically allocated to be used to create a health protocol that matches CDC guidance as closely as possible. The latest CDC guidance for schools was issued in early August and offers advice on universal indoor masking.

The proceedings allege that the executive order violated federal law because it violated CDC’s guidance.

Not only is Governor Abbott, but TEA and TEA commissioners are also listed as defendants in the proceedings, as TEA’s policy does not require masks by order of the governor. The TEA also did not require schools to inform parents of COVID-19 positive cases or do contact tracing.

The plaintiffs aim to overturn the executive order and allow local authorities to make decisions on the COVID-19 order.

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Masking in Texas school: Federal judges listen to the discussion

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