Malaysia’s germ-killing clown finds new role in pandemic

Shaharul Hisam bin Baharuddin, 43, dressed as a clown disinfects a lift inside a shopping mall in Taiping
Shahrul Hisam bin Baharuddin, 43, posing as a clown inside a shopping mall in Taiping disinfects an elevator
Shahrul Hisam bin Baharuddin, 43, dressed as a clown, disinfects an elevator inside a shopping mall in Taiping, Malaysia, September 10, 2021. Reuters/Lim Hui Teng

September 14, 2021

by Ibrahim Harris

TAIPING, Malaysia (Reuters) – When the coronavirus pandemic hit Malaysia, Shahrul Hisam Baharuddin, working closely with several others, soon lost his job as an entertainer, sometimes playing a clown. was prepared as

But instead of giving up, the 43-year-old man from Taiping, western Malaysia, found a new way to use his skills – disinfecting people’s homes by wearing his clown costume.

For his new role, he adapted the smoke machine used at parties to be a disinfection device, while providing some extra excitement by entertaining the kids in his clown costume, a red nose and smile painted by a surgical mask. completed with.

“Since kids can’t go out or go to malls and they are spending more time at home, maybe they are feeling stressed too,” said Shahrul Hisam, who is locally known as the ‘fogging clown’. Is known.

“So with a presence like this, maybe I can entertain them and make them happy while disinfecting their house,” he said.

After cleaning their homes, Shahrul Hisam usually spends time with his clients’ children, making them laugh by making balloons in the shape of animals and taking pictures together.

His actions soon went viral online, with customers praising him for bringing some much-needed fun to their homes during difficult times.

Malaysia, which has reported nearly two million COVID-19 cases and 20,419 related deaths, has been under some form of lockdown since May following a wave of infections driven by the delta variant.

In the past, Shahrul Hisam used to be the master of ceremonies as well as the disc jockey before the lockdown imposed a ban on large gatherings.

Now, they get an average of three orders a week for disinfecting homes, malls and shops.

“(Fogging) services like this are provided everywhere now, but my style is different,” he said.

(Editing by Ed Davis and Gareth Jones)


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