Kim Kardashian West teases a famous family as SNL host

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New York – Kim Kardashian West will be taking everyone from her mother’s boyfriend to her divorced husband Kanye in a hot pink catsuit to host Saturday Night Live for the first time. I distorted it.

“I’m surprised to see you here too,” she began her first confession on Saturday. “That is, I didn’t have a movie premiere for a really long time.”

And she told herself more happily, “And she’s more than just a pretty face, great hair, great makeup, great boobs and a perfect ass.” One of the things they didn’t do was ask Corey Gamble, Gold Digger and mom’s boyfriend Kris Jenner what would happen, she said.

While studying law, Kardashian West noted sentencing reform work that helped get innocent people out of prison, adding that her passion was following in the footsteps of her lawyer’s father. (Robert Kardashian helped represent OJ Simpson).


“Thanks to them, I met the first black person. I want to stab who it is in the dark,” she said, referring to Simpson.

Simpson was acquitted of two murders in 1994 following fatal puncture wounds to his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, but a civil court jury was liable for him. Seeing that there was, he ordered a payment of $33.5 million.

Kardashian West mocked Kanye’s unsuccessful bid for president and his step-parent Caitlyn Jenner’s bid for governor of California.

“I am here to announce that I am running…. I am joking,” she smiled.

Kanye accompanied Kim to New York for an SNL appearance on NBC. She filed for divorce in February after six years of marriage. The two, who share four children, have been photographed together several times over the past few months.

Music guest Halsey was perfect with a song by Lindsay Buckingham’s guitar. Halsey tweeted a photo of her breastfeeding behind the scenes before the show. She gave birth in July.


Kris Jenner and her sister Khloe Kardashian have appeared in several sketches, including a sketch of cast members Eddie Bryant and Kim swapping.

In the spin-off of “People’s Court”, Kim parodied sister Kourtney by playing a boring judge. She dominated the cast members playing Kris, Khloe, and Kanye and Kim’s sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Kardashian West also gave gold tokens to Jesse Williams, John Cena and others for watching “The Bachelorette.” Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, basketballer Blake Griffin and real “singles” rival Tyler Cameron have also arrived.

In another sketch, Kim played Jasmine on Pete Davidson’s Aladdin. The latter is a version of the Disney character who was concerned about the possibility of “having sex” with the Bomb Princess.

Maybe the cutest moment? The actual mass of dogs used as Kim introduced a new addition to her very popular shapewear brand Skim—”Skim for Thick Dogs.”



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