Journalists in Virginia accused Yonkin of calling “George Soros-backed allies” “anti-Semitic.”

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A local Virginia reporter is facing a backlash after Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin called the liberal mega-donor George Soros-funded operative “anti-Semitic.” ..

WUSA9 reporter Bruce Lechan shared a clip of Yongqin making scathing remarks from Tuesday night’s rally, and the “current turmoil in our school” being his Democratic rival, former Virginia Governor Terry. Insisted that it be laid at his feet McAuliffe. “40 Years of the Politician.”

CNN and MSNBC have weathered the storm of MCAULIFFE television interviews and critiques of journalists’ questions.

“Not only at the feet of Terry McAuliffe, but also at the George Soros-backed Allied Square,” Yongqin said, and his supporters scoffed loudly. “These allies in the left-wing liberal and progressive movement have inserted political operatives into our school system under the guise of the school board.”

On Wednesday, Leshan tweeted, “Critics may wonder if this is anti-Semitism.”

Critics slammed CBS-affiliated reporters for starting an anti-Semitic story about Soros. Soros is a major financial player in Democratic politics and has been cursed by conservatives and Republicans for decades for pushing a progressive agenda.

“It is awful. Using this standard, it is unacceptable to criticize a political activist for being Jewish. Soros is a “left-wing, freedom, progressive movement” and the main funder of the Jew. He is anti-human nation.” National Review Tweet by David Harsani, senior author of

Terry McAuliffe abruptly ended the interview and told a local Virginia reporter, “I should have asked a better question.”

“So let me get this straight – unless you admire Soros, can you talk about Soros?

Republican strategist Matt Whitlock said, “There are few PR coups bigger than George Soros, and instinctively suggest to journalists that the references to legitimate Soros connections are anti-Semitic. I have.”

“It is by no means anti-Semitism that George Soros is a major political donor to left-wing causes. It is a simple fact,” replied Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire.

“Why do critics question this? Do you think of others, because you have a direct connection between Jews and money in your mind?” Conservative commentator Eddie Scarry asked.

“Is the mention of Soros now anti-Semitism? Impressive,” said New York Post columnist Karol Markovich.

MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC avoid comments in MCAULIFFE’s main debate.

“Critics may question your qualifications as a journalist,” Christopher Rufo, an anti-critical racial theory activist, swiped the reporter.

News Busters editor-in-chief Curtis Hook tweeted, “If you want to be this dishonest by declaring your disagreement with Soros anti-Jewish, just quit and formally participate in the McCarriff campaign.”

“That’s why people hate the media,” writes senior federal editor and “Rig-Doo” author Molly Hemingway.

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“Twitter’s ratio to their ridiculous partisan nonsense was natural,” Matthew Walking, Yonkin’s director of campaign communications, told Fox News.

Leshan did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Journalists in Virginia accused Yonkin of calling “George Soros-backed allies” “anti-Semitic.”

Source Link Virginia journalists accused Yonkin of calling “George Soros-backed allies” “anti-Semitic.”


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