Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party loses councilors to Fumio Kishida’s frustration

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Election campaign staff hold a leaflet from the Japanese ruling Liberal Democratic Party with a cover photo of Japanese Prime Minister and President Fumio Kishida distributed to voters during the campaign on the first day of the upcoming House election campaign. In the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Tokyo on October 19, 2021. Reuters / Issey Kato

October 25, 2021

TOKYO (Reuters) – Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was unexpectedly affected days before the referendum as the ruling Liberal Democratic Party lost one of two by-elections over the weekend.

Fumio Kishida’s popularity was fueled by opinion polls, raising the possibility that his term would be short-lived, and a member of the House of Councilors in Shizuoka Prefecture was defeated by an independent candidate backed by the opposition.

He called for a “new capitalism” to spread the benefits of growth and called for the withdrawal of some of his former boss Shinzo Abe’s “abenomics” policies. However, since Yoshihide Suga took office this month, he has not yet stirred the imagination of voters.

“The results in Shizuoka are disappointing,” Kishida told reporters on Monday morning, hours after the results. He said he plans to “seriously accept” the decision and analyze the causes of the damage.

The Liberal Democratic Party won other by-elections in Yamaguchi’s conservative house. Since Fumio Kishida took office, two special elections have been national elections and are used as indicators of what will happen to the LDP in the election to the House of Representatives on Sunday.

In Shizuoka, western Tokyo, independent candidate Shinosuke Yamazaki overtook the LDP candidate by nearly 50,000 votes.

(Written by David Dolan, Edited by Sri Navaratnam)

Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party loses councilors to Fumio Kishida’s frustration

Source link Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party loses a seat in the House of Councilors to the frustration of Fumio Kishida


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