Israeli forces arrest last two of six Palestinian fugitives

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Jerusalem According to Israeli forces, the last two of the six Palestinian prisoners who escaped from the safest Israeli prison two weeks ago were re-arrested early on Sunday.

The two were captured during an Israeli raid in their hometown of Jenin on the occupied West Bank, and after six men passed through a tunnel from their cell on 6 September, a gruesome search revealed a security flaw. I finished.

Palestinian media reported clashes in Jenin when Israeli troops attacked the city, but Israeli police spokesmen pulled out two fugitives, Munadir Nafayet and Iham Kamanzi. He said that he was arrested from his house without hesitation and taken for questioning.

Iham’s father, Huad Kamanzi, told The Associated Press that when Israeli forces surrounded the house and surrendered his son would call him and surrender “in order not to endanger the owner of the house”.

The escape triggered a massive chase that captured the first four prisoners in two separate operations in northern Israel. All six prisoners belong to Janine.


Five of the prisoners come from Islamic Jihad terrorist groups, four of whom have been sentenced to life imprisonment and six are members of President Mahmoud Abbas’s secular Fatah group.

To the Palestinians, the prisoner who escaped by digging a tunnel for months was a “hero”. For Israel, they were “terrorists” who participated in or planned attacks targeting Israeli soldiers and civilians.


Associated Press reporter Geral Hassan based in Ramallah on the west bank of the Jordan River contributed to this report.

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Israeli forces arrest last two of six Palestinian fugitives

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