Is it time to change your bike helmet?

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San Antonio – In the last year more and more people are returning to their bikes due to exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, the same goes for falls, accidents and injuries. So does your bicycle helmet protect you? Or is it time to change it?

Consumer Reports’ Kevin Loria said, “Bike helmets are not indestructible.” “In the event of an accident, you must change your helmet as soon as possible.”

Wearing a well-fitting, damaged helmet is the key to protecting the rider from serious head injuries.

The helmet may look good after an accident, but still there may be some damage that is not easily noticed. Whether an accident has occurred or not, experts recommend that riders change their helmets every five years, as the protective foam and plastic can separate over time, especially if they are kept in a heated garage. is recommended.

“One of the obvious signs is whether there are cracks in the foam,” Loria said. “A more subtle sign that a new helmet may be needed is when the color begins to fade, indicating that the helmet has weakened over time due to heat and sun exposure. It is possible. “


Riders should also check the chin straps to make sure they are securely fastened.

The two helmets that scored high in the rigorous Consumer Reports test are the Giro Register MIPS and LEM Boulevard.

For kids, we recommend the Bontrager Tyro and Garnonino.

The Texas company has recalled certain toddler bicycle helmets. Because they do not meet the criteria, there is a risk of head injury.

Katy’s Skay Outdoors reminded me of the little TurboSky Kids Infant Helmet Model FX010. Sold online with Amazon for the past year. Owners can return them or return them for a new helmet.

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Is it time to change your bike helmet?

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