I am tracking a case of COVID-19 at a school in Texas. This decline is much higher than last year.

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Students in Texas public schools are affected by COVID-19 due to the highly contagious delta variant, inconsistent masking obligations, and children under the age of 12 not yet vaccinated against the virus. We are looking upwards for another year.

Almost a month after this school year, the number of reported coronavirus cases among students is close to the total for the entire 2020-21 school year. Schools are forbidden from taking precautionary measures such as demanding masks, but some schools oppose the governor’s order banning mask obligations. Too many students are on campus as most districts do not have distance learning options.


Every Friday, the Texas Department of Education publishes COVID-19 cases for students and staff, as reported by the state’s school district. The latest status from Monday, September 6 to Sunday, September 12 is as follows:

State data on school matters are incomplete and probably underestimated. TEA has cut the number of cases in some districts to protect the privacy of students, and students and staff in all districts, despite government guidance requiring alternatives. We are not reporting the matter to the state.

Some of the larger districts, such as Leander and Lubbock, have not reported cases in the state since the TEA began tracking COVID-19 data on August 2 this year. However, each of these school districts publishes a COVID-19 dashboard showing cases, and the Leander Independent School District has closed some classes.


The entire district, including Angleton and Lumberton, was temporarily closed without notifying the state of the incident. These districts are also not required, so you don’t need to report closures. Government spokesman Frank Ward said the TEA was informally tracking the shutdown based on media and district reports.

The 10 districts that reported the maximum number of new cases between September 6 and September 12 are:

Entering the school year, the district slowed the spread of the virus and had fewer options for keeping students and staff safe.

Last year, the school district was granted permission to request a mask. This year, Governor Greg Abbott sought to ban mandatory masks in schools, but some districts challenged or ignored the ban.


Before the start of the school year, the state did not fund online options. Instead, the school district used federal bailouts or delving into the budget to provide remote programming to families.

But now that Abbott recently signed Senate Bill 15 to expand and fund virtual learning, some families and districts may find relief. Proponents of the law say it is a step in the right direction, but it does not cover students who fail the star test.

In last year’s grades, about 40% of students did not pass the math assessment and about a third did not pass reading. It was black and Hispanic people who failed disproportionately.

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I am tracking a case of COVID-19 at a school in Texas. This decline is much higher than last year.

source link I am tracking a case of COVID-19 at a school in Texas. This decline is much higher than last year.


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