Hurricanes beat Columbus 5-1 to win four games in a row

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Vincent Trochek scored two goals and an assist as he beat Carolina 5-1 against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday night. This is the fourth consecutive win for the Hurricanes, who started the season.

Jordan Stahl and Sebastian Aho added power play goals, and Yesper Fast also scored for Carolina. Frederick Anderson intercepted 27 shots with four consecutive wins.

“That was amazing,” Trochek said of Anderson. “He has protected us in all these games where there has been a lot of flurry in the defense sector. We’re not usually a team that creates so many (chance), but some of these last when it was a game, so it set foot there and kept us in the game. It’s a big part of why we win games. “

Columbus captain Boone Jenner scored and Jonas Corpisaro made 28 saves.


He put Carolina on the board at 7:11 in the first period and won a back-the-net pass from the stall after the Columbus turnover.

North Carolina first won 2–0 at 13:35 when Andrey Svechnikov’s left-hand wrist bounced off Trochek’s back onto Corpisaro, scoring a high sticking with a Columbus double minor penalty just six seconds away. I ended with

“Obviously, I thought the particular team was big,” said Carolina coach Rod Brind Amur. “We hit a lot of penalties and then got some strong goals. It’s huge. I didn’t like it like a 5v5 play overall. Turnover it was just too high. It created a really good opportunity for them, but it It was a great effort and we did some really cool things.”

Colombaro lost two games in a row and the Blue Jackets conceded their first home defeat in four games this season.

“It was a really good hockey team that we played with tonight,” said Blue Jackets coach Brad Larson.

“You have to play against them. You can’t give them anything for free…. There aren’t many holes in the team.”

Jenner took advantage of the 5 to 3 shift. It was the result of Carolina’s penalty in the second period, at 7:19 in the second period, when the puck overtook Anderson 2–1 in front of the crease.

Jenner’s team aimed to finish fourth in five matches and maintain three consecutive wins. Jacob Volaek’s assist was the 100th time he was a member of the Blue Jackets and the third time in as many games.

However, Carolina failed to take the place, going 3–1 with Stahl’s power play goal and Colpisaro had only 8 seconds left of Volaek’s hooking penalty, dribbling the season’s first score in 15:57. Yesperiko Tokanimi’s support for the Hurricanes was his first support after spending three years in Montreal.

“You get a lot of punishment for shooting with your feet,” Larsen said. “You have to play 5 by 5.”

The Idiot won the third 7:05 4–1 and Columbus had 22 seconds of his fourth penalty. Trochek’s second goal was Svechnikov’s goal at 16:13.

earn a streak

With Saturday’s win, Carolina started the second 4–0 in club history, the second longest in a row.

old friend

Storm is reunited with Jake Bean. Jake Bean played 44 matches with Carolina before joining the Blue Jackets this season. Bean has one goal in five matches with Columbus.

score points

Columbus Patrick Line (2-4-6) has scored in every Blue Jackets game played this year.


Carolina: Hosting Toronto on Monday.

Columbus: Hosts Dallas on Mondays.


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