House to vote for abortion rights in Roe’s challenge

Texas News Today

Democrats are voting Friday in response to new Texas law that severely restricts access to abortion.

The House of Representatives will vote on a bill intended to guarantee women’s abortion rights. The bill reflects the Democratic Party’s response to the new restrictive Texas law that threatens access.

The expected passage through the House of Representatives on Friday’s bill is likely to be almost symbolic, as opponents of Republicans will ruin it in the Senate. However, the Democratic Party will do whatever it takes to codify the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision after the Supreme Court recently entered into force a Texas law prohibiting most abortions in the state. . It says that it will happen. The court will hear a debate in December in another Mississippi bid to overturn the groundbreaking decision.

Codifying Roe’s decision means the right to abortion under federal law. This is a major change that makes it difficult for courts and states to impose sanctions.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said parliamentary action would make a “tremendous difference” in democratic efforts to maintain access to abortion rights.

Following the Texas decision, Pelosi said, “I want women everywhere, regardless of Texas, to pay respect to their reproductive health decisions.”

Voting is mainly to be done in accordance with the policy of the party. Almost all home republics are expected to vote against the law, including some who support abortion rights. Republicans argue that the law could prevent the state from setting requirements such as parental involvement and undermine a law that allows doctors to deny abortions.

Democrats spoke boldly about a more conservative fight against the Supreme Court after Judge Amy Connie Barrett confirmed last year, but personally struggled to find an effective strategy. .. they dominate Congress by the narrowest margin, including an equally divided 50-50 Senate, which makes it difficult to predict successful legislative responses.

The party was, in some cases, divided about how far Washington had to go to maintain access to abortion. Backed by advocates of the right to give birth, who supported the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Liberty wants to increase the number of Supreme Court justices and rebalance power. Legislation.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said, “Democrats will either eliminate filibuster and expand courts, or do nothing because far-right minority rule will cost the bodies, rights and lives of millions.” , DN Y tweeted. “It shouldn’t be a difficult decision.”

However, other Democrats (Biden among them) have been wary of such moves.

Biden upheld the House bill and called the Texas court’s decision “an unprecedented attack on women’s constitutional rights.” She has directed agencies to implement the government’s comprehensive efforts to provide women with access to abortion and protect health care providers. However, he does not support the idea of ​​adding a judge to the Supreme Court and constitutes a committee to study it.

Court decisions on abortion can also create political tension among Republicans.

Former President Donald Trump was able to secure three new conservative Supreme Court justices as GOP leader Mitch McConnell’s leadership in the Republican parliament paved the way. The political fallout will test the limits of its strategy, as courts now uphold the strict new Texas state that prohibits most abortions in the state.

Women and advocates of abortion rights are increasingly targeting not only these Republicans, but also those who have contributed to the many Texas Republicans behind abortion legislation, and the large corporations who have supported them. are mobilized.

“She will face intense backlash from women and people across the country,” Sonja Spu, director of the reproductive rights campaign for the advocacy organization UltraViolet, said in an interview on Thursday.

Republican Maine Senator Susan Collins, who advocates abortion rights, says the Texas law is “harmful and extreme” and supports the codified cry.

But she says the House bill is “far ahead,” for example, by threatening doctors who refuse to perform abortions for religious or moral reasons.

“I support Roe’s codification and work with some of my Senate colleagues on a bill to make this happen,” Collins said in a statement.


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