Hill accused of calling Hyde’s reform “controversial”

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Political news agency Hill was accused Thursday by critics of labeling Hyde’s amendment decades earlier as “controversial.”

Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) announced Wednesday that he would refuse to vote for the Democratic Party’s settlement bill if the Hyde Amendment is not included. Manchin told the National Review that any version of the settlement bill to be passed by Democrats must include a hidden amendment to get his vote.

“Yeah, we haven’t removed the Hyde fix. Hyde will continue,” Manchin said. He later added, “You have to do it. you have to do it. If it’s gone, you’re dead on arrival.”

The Hyde Amendment, first passed in 1977, banned Medicaid and other federal programs from offering taxpayer dollars for abortions. For decades, the Hyde Amendment has received widespread bipartisan support. President Biden has supported Hyde’s security for most of his political life, but he was upset when he became president because of a growing Democratic left-wing attitude on the issue.

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Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va. Leaves the US Capitol on Thursday, September 30, 2021, to speak to members of the media in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnick)
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnick)

Critics blamed Hill for labeling Hyde’s amendment “controversial” and said recent polls show the majority of Americans support the protection.

“The January 2021 Marist poll found Americans support the Hyde amendment by 58% to 38%, which is similar to the results of the 2016 Politico/Harvard University poll.” National Review White House correspondent John McCormack tweeted.

Republican strategist Doug Hay asked, “Who’s controversial? Most of the public supports it. Joe Biden was involved.”

Washington Examiner reporter Kimberly Ross said, “A prop for Senator Manchin who insisted that the Hyde Amendment be included in the agreement. Despite vigorous opposition, Hyde isn’t extreme at all. It’s federal. It’s just Prevents money from paying for abortions. It always needs to be protected.”

“Is the ‘Hyde Amendment’ Controversial?’ Biden has supported it for 40 years. He changed his mind during the campaign,” wrote National Review senior writer David Harsani.

However, many progressives opposed Munchkin’s ultimatum and vowed to fight it.

“This is the day when @RepJaypal @KoriBush + @RepBarbaraLee bravely testifies about their life experiences in front of @OversightDems,” said Democrat Rashida Tlaib, a member of the Squad. It is time we fight against attacks on women’s rights to health care and choice. “

“Because reproductive health care rights are under attack across the country. When I was testifying on committee about my personal experience getting abortions. When I blocked life-saving laws in the Senate. I saw these bills When you get the benefit of doing it. Shame on you,” said D-Mo, a fellow “Squadron” member, Representative Corey Bush. I have written

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Munchkin is facing heavy pressure from progressive Democrats to oppose President Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill.

“I hope to find a common ground to bring another historic investment into our country, but I ignore the brutal financial reality that our country is facing. We spend trillions and all or so,” Manchin said. Can’t support the view of nothing.” I believe we can find it if we have a better approach and continue to negotiate in good faith. Growth.”


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