“He lost his hero,” says the brother of the teacher, who was killed during the domestic incident.

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San Antonio — A teacher in San Antonio finished her first week with a job guiding at La Petite Academy, when police said she was allegedly shot by her boyfriend. Now her family wants her story to create awareness about the seriousness of domestic violence.

He said that Sarah Silva was a fun lady.

“She was a very kind and very affectionate person,” said her brother, David Silva. “She’s big-hearted. She loved dancing and music, and she also loved singing.”

“She was the only aunt to my two children,” said her sister-in-law, Angela Castillo. “That’s why she loved everything related to her child.”

Sara Silva worked in a nursery for many years and dreamed of becoming an official teacher.

She worked at Raptit Academy on Sunset Road for several days before the fatal shooting.


The family said they were unaware of the abuse in relation to her accused killer, Evan Aaron Held.

“They have been dating for almost a year and that’s when I met them. I was not in a good mood, ”said David Silva. “But whenever I went to meet him, I never heard him shout at him or anything. When I asked my mother if she had heard anything, she did not hear anything. He came and did nothing rude. He said he just got out of prison, so that was a little sketchy for me. “

“Every time I was with her, I realized she was a little different,” Castillo said. “She wasn’t as outgoing as she was with him.”

Unfortunately, on the day of the fatal shooting, David Silva said he heard his mother yelling at his sister.


She lives in a small house behind her mother’s house, and the family allows Held to live with her.

“I was working when they called me,” said David Silva. “I had to shift the cemetery. He called me and I got down here. My mom said she heard him scream, so she said through the back door, “Ivan, I can hear your voice!” I think he opened the door and he got furious and said, “Why don’t you go in with your mom?” “

Sarah Silva went in, but the nightmare was not over.

“She went to my mom’s room and she closed the door,” he said. “That late night he came looking for her. He was under the stairs and was shouting for her to come out. My mom said she didn’t want to go out with the ugliness and didn’t want to go out. I don’t think they thought anything bad would happen. “

David Silva said that when he opened the door and took a look he saw him holding a gun.


“He said, ‘Oh my god, he has a gun!’ He closed the door and he started banging on the door from the other side,” said David Silva. “My sister got up and started keeping the door closed, and she started shooting through the door.”

Sara Silva had received multiple bullets and her mother suffered a hand injury.

“They said she (her sister) hit her heart and stomach, but I don’t know how many shots were fired,” David Silva said. “My mother left the hospital yesterday, but she had to undergo surgery. He put a plate on his arm because the whole bone was broken. My sister put him out. I think he’s a hero because he was holding the door for her. Had he passed by, he probably would have shot and killed everyone in the room. “

David Silva said he is still in incredible condition.

“It’s like a dream,” he said. “I’m crying and my parents are crying, but I can’t get it out yet. It doesn’t feel real. Tomorrow I’m still up and I feel like here she is.”


David replaced the door with an ammunition hole so that his mother would not have to recreate such a sad reality.

“I had to wipe off all the blood from the pillows and blankets, and from the pouch my mother had bandaged for the gunshot wound,” he said. “It was scary to go in and see all this, especially knowing that the blood is my sister’s.”

He said he hopes his sister’s death will serve as a reminder to other victims of domestic violence.

“Love is blind sometimes,” he said. “You don’t want to reach out for help, but if women are being abused, they should get out of the relationship. Don’t wait. You don’t need it in your life, so stay away from it.”

Castillo agrees.

“Maybe she didn’t want to tell the truth, and I didn’t want anyone to know she was coming out and doing something really scary because something was happening,” she said. said. “Don’t be shy. Just approaching someone and stopping something from happening can be life-changing for you.”


The incident turned itself into the Dallas Police Department after being sought for murder and speeding with deadly weapons.

David Silva said, “I can never forgive this man.” “I wish I could go to court and make him feel how I feel about him. Ask him why he did this. what was your intention? Why didn’t you get up and leave? “

The family is raising money to help pay for funeral expenses. They are hosting a plate sale at 1227 East El Monte in San Antonio starting next Saturday afternoon.

If you would like to learn more about family funding, please contact Sarah Silva’s brother ([email protected]) or sister-in-law ([email protected]).

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A woman was killed and another was injured in a shootout at her home on the north side, according to San Antonio police.

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“He lost his hero,” said the brother of a teacher killed during a domestic incident, shot.

Source link “He lost his hero,” says the brother of a teacher killed during a domestic incident, shot.


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