Hannity: Biden’s plea for a “socialist” takeover is proof that he “doesn’t care about your kids, grocery bills, or job.”

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In his “opening monologue” on Friday, host Sean Hannity continued to request his party to hand over trillions of dollars for President Biden, representing a socialist takeover of the American economic and social program. It warned that it was proof that he cared only about himself and not the future, the generation had given up his heavy spending payments, and was greatly affected by its effects. What will the current generation be?

“Joe Biden is more concerned about the fallout in his polls,” he said. “It got worse so quickly, even I can’t believe it… Now we’re at stake,” he said in “Hannity.”

“The border crisis, the employment crisis, the inflation crisis, the Afghanistan crisis—and now the Washington wetland crisis when their fellow socialist Democrats are in full swing.”

Hannity has only two remaining Democrats, Senator Kirsten Cinema in Arizona and Joe Manchin III in West Virginia, for the time being, the rest of the Democratic majority’s devotion to socialism. Said it was inevitably delayed.

“So today he stepped onto Capitol Hill and asked lawmakers to hand over his insane $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” socialist spending proposal.

Hannity says Biden’s apparent contempt for the Americans he represents is billions of dollars for illegal immigrants, taxpayer-funded family vacations, and benefits for young “climate warriors.” He said it was perfectly clear in a bill that would allocate billions of dollars for government work.

“Joe believes this big government, socialist and spending bill will be a historic political victory for him. He says that historical inflation we have already experienced. I don’t mind because of the massive inflation. “

“They don’t care about rising food costs for Americans – They don’t care about rising energy costs for Americans – They don’t care about rising prices for gallons of gas – They don’t care about your quality of life – to Joe Biden Joe Biden cares. That’s all.

Hannity, despite calling himself “Mr.”, of course, completely ignores Republican concerns. unity” in the host’s words, as Biden’s selfish and destructive political behavior has reached a new level. Said.

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He added that the Democratic “radical socialism” division now dominates Biden and that together they want to “destroy what makes this country wonderful.”

“They want to control your means of production. They want to take away your property rights. They want to eliminate the concept of borders. They want to turn the United States of America into a common wasteland—believe it or not .. you have the power to stop them.”

“But it starts with a ballot box,” he said. New Jersey and Virginia prepare to hold gubernatorial elections this year, and candidates across the country are preparing for an interim 2022 term, when Republicans try to get Gavel into the House of Representatives. .. Kevin McCarthy, not Pelosi.

Hannity: Biden’s plea for a “socialist” takeover is proof that he “doesn’t care about your kids, the grocery bill, or the job.”

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