Haitian doctors hope that the recent abduction violence has raised awareness of their country’s need.

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San Antonio Haiti doctors visiting San Antonio hope that the recent violent abduction of 17 missionaries will raise awareness of the dire support needed in Haiti.

Anany Prosper is a physician at the Children’s Nutrition Program of Haiti, a community-based program that provides medical services to those in need in Haiti. He also goes back and forth to preach about the serious problems facing his country.

“What is happening in Haiti right now is the visible part of an ever-increasing failure,” Prosper said. “There is violence and random mass kidnapping. Gangsters can block roads and check everyone for more than two miles. You can use the whole bus or part of the bus.”

He said the missionaries, including men, women and children, were traumatized by 16 American citizens and one Canadian.


“They were there to help, and now their family is suffering from it,” he said. “I truly feel the pain of these families going to Haiti for justice and morality. My heart and prayers go out to them.”

Prosper believes this is a call to awakening for all.

“What is happening is a humanitarian crisis,” he said. “It is a hunger crisis and a failure of the system. It is to be seen and said that not only Haitians, but their neighbors also need to do something more and better. This is a call for awakening. “

Another problem, Prosper believes, is that gangsters deplete resources of up to 40% of the 12 million population.

“40 percent are completely isolated from oxygen, fuel, medical equipment, oil, food and water,” he said. “40 percent! I’m talking over 4 million people, and that same population was also affected by the earthquake two months ago.”

This fact alone is a thorny issue for the rich. This is mainly because the pandemic is affecting the already suffering medical system.


Hunger crisis is especially harmful to children.

“26 percent of all children under the age of 5 living in Haiti suffer from malnutrition. More than 128 out of 1,000 births die before their fifth birthday. Even if we save our children from death, Even then we miss the opportunity to develop their brains properly so that they can become intellectual professionals in the next 20 years. This is a great danger.”

Haitian officials also said the escalation in violence followed the president’s assassination in July.

“What we are seeing now is a mismanagement and a huge misunderstanding among civil society, Haitians and the international community,” he said. “This is truly a humanitarian crisis that needs to be heard and understood by the compassion of the people in the United States and the political elite here in the United States in order to help the civil society of Haiti solve this problem. I I’m in good health.”


The US government has pledged to provide resources, including $15 million, to help crack down on mass violence.

Prosper said he is grateful, but believes he just needs the help he needs to help him rise again.

“Help us build a society,” he said. Schools, the health care system, higher education—you’re already doing this in South Korea, Poland, and elsewhere, like Israel. We could have another generation with better preparedness to try and handle Haiti. We need to be compassionate and united after all the suffering, but we need to focus on civilized society and rebuild it in phases. There are really good people in Haiti who want their country to be better than it is, not politicians. We must stay focused, believe in God and be determined to stand up as Haitians to heal the country. We can do this. “

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Haitian doctors hope that the recent abduction violence has raised awareness of their country’s need.

Source Link Haitian doctors hope recent abduction violence raises awareness of their country’s need.


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