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Guatemala imposes curfew after protests

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Soldiers will be instructed at El Estre in Izabal, Guatemala’s northern coast, on Sunday, October 24, 2021. After two days of protests, the Guatemalan government announced a month-long morning to evening limit and banned public rallies. for mining projects. (AP Photo/Moisecastillo)

Guatemala City – The Guatemalan government on Sunday declared a month-long curfew from dawn to dusk, banning public rallies in the northern coastal province of Izabal, after two days of protests against the mining project.

Thousands of angry police have confronted protesters at a nickel mine run by the Swiss-based Solvay Investment Group.

The protesters said they were not consulted about the mine and pelted stones at the police, who retaliated with tear gas and stones.

The state’s Supreme Court has ruled that indigenous groups in the region have not properly discussed the project, and the Phoenix mine has been closed as residents set up protest camps and marched to demand participation in the consultation. . Down.

Guatemala imposes curfew after protests

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