Germany’s D.Bahn makes new offer to train drivers to avoid rail strike

FILE PHOTO: German train drivers hold week-long strike in wage dispute with Deutsche Bahn
FILE PHOTO: German train drivers strike week-long over pay dispute with Deutsche Bahn
FILE PHOTO: Erhad, an employee, waits on a platform at the DB Berlin Hauptbahnhof or Berlin main train station, during a strike by train conductors in Berlin, Germany September 2, 2021. Reuters/Michelle Tantucci/File photo

September 11, 2021

BERLIN (Reuters) – German rail operator Deutsche Bahn on Saturday made a better offer to train drivers to prevent a fourth strike in a wage dispute that has already paralyzed large sections of passenger traffic during the holiday season. Have given.

The GDL drivers union on Tuesday ended its third and longest strike in this pay round, leaving passengers stranded and impacting freight services in Europe’s biggest economy.

She threatened to call a new strike if the state-owned Deutsche Bahn did not come up with a better offer early next week.

In addition to a 3.2% wage increase over 36 months and a coronavirus bonus for 2021, both were already on the table, with Ban saying it had offered an additional component and a review of the scope of the GDL union’s collective bargaining arrangement. was ready to do. .

It also said that it has made certain commitments on pension.

“A wage agreement with GDL is overdue,” Martin Seiler, head of human resources, said in a statement, calling for the union to quickly return to negotiations.

Among its demands, the union wants a pay increase of 3.2%, but with an earlier payment and a coronavirus bonus of 600 euros.

(Reporting by Madeline Chambers; Editing by Jason Neely)


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