Former Houston police chief Art Acevedo fired as top Miami police officer six months later

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Miami (AP) Miami officials have decided to sack the city’s new police chief six months after being indicted by the city’s commissioner, who accused him of interfering with the police station and internal affairs investigations. ..

Miami City manager Art Noriega said in a statement Monday that he had suspended Chief Art Acevedo with the intention of terminating employment.

“The relationship between the chief and the organization became unmanageable and this needs to be resolved quickly,” Noriega said. “Chief Acevedo is not a good fit for this organization.”

Art Acevedo was hired earlier this year by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who praised him as “America’s best head of state.” Though regarded as a progressive law enforcement officer leading the Houston police station, he shares his ancestry as a Havana-born refugee in Miami with hundreds of thousands of Cubans.

Assebed was sworn in in April, took over internal affairs, and made major changes to the commander, and began making waves almost immediately. He demoted four majors and fired two senior executives (couples). They were not correct about accidents related to city-issued SUVs.


In two noisy meetings last month, the commissioner attacked Acevedo and his leadership and appointed a summons-authorized inquiry commission to consider his appointment.

At one of those meetings, a video was played of Acevedo impersonating Elvis Presley, dancing “Jailhouse Rock” in an iconic white jumpsuit, entering the fundraising dance floor, and wearing a paper towel. He was hitting the back of a woman. I did At another meeting, Mayor Joe Carrollo said he would be arrested immediately if it was true that the new police chief had evidence that he and other politicians were interfering in an internal affairs investigation. Begged.

Miami City Commissioner Manolo Reyes told WSVN-TV: I am not a politician. You cannot criticize elected officials, judges or state attorneys. Just to do my job as the chief. “

In an eight-page memo sent by Acevedo to the mayor and the mayor prior to these meetings, Acevedo deployed police resources to specific facilities as Carrollo and other commissioners intervened in the internal affairs investigation. He said that he is ordering to do so in an unreasonable manner. More than the commissioner’s whim. He also accused the commissioner of interfering in his reform mission by abolishing the posts.


Cuban politician Joe Carrollo and two other Cuban-Americans were horrified when it was reported last month that Asseb had spoken to authorities about the “Cuban Mafia” running the city. He said that he was angry. He later apologized for not knowing that it was a term used by former Cuban leader Fidel Castro to refer to asylum seekers.

“He must be the only Cuban background person in the world who doesn’t know that,” Carolo said. “You’re not in the middle of the Amazon.”

In particular, the city’s commissioner claimed that Acevedo was hypocritical for the dismissal of officers, something he was accused of doing.

Carolo, the most outspoken politician against Assebed’s leadership, examines old photographs seen by police chiefs using “white supremacist” gestures similar to the OK gestures and used by Miami police. The same gesture that said he was released from duty by Acevedo after being accused of doing so.


Carolo and another commissioner are also investigating damage seen in Asvedo SUVs, which they claim has been under-reported. They say it was similar to the case that led to the sacking of Acevedo’s husband and wife police officers.

While the city seeks a permanent replacement, assistant police chief Manny Morales has become interim chief.

The Associated Press was unable to be contacted for comment on Acevedo’s firing on Monday night.

Former Houston police chief Art Acevedo fired as top Miami police officer six months later

Source link Houston’s former police chief Art Acevedo is fired as the top Miami police officer six months later


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